Tomorrow Is Shaping Up To Be A Big Test Of This Man

We have no idea which Newcastle team will turn up tomorrow to play at home to Norwich City and even if we see a good performance in that first half we could see a poor performance in the second half – and vice versa.

Such has been the rocky performance of this Newcastle side and if it doesn’t improve quickly our fans are going to be in for another long hard season – and in fact Steve McClaren in some of his comments yesterday already seems to think it´s going to be a long hard season nd said he´s take 40 points in mid-April right now.

Where´s his ambition and drive to meet his goals for the season?

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Steve McClaren at Man City two weeks ago

During his many interviews since Thursday this is some of what the Newcastle had coach has said:

“I feel pressure all the time. Whether you are at the top, the bottom or the middle, the pressure is on you every game.”

“It is difficult to win games in the Premier League as it is proving. We all want to win, we hate losing. We have to perform.”

“The international break has been good for us. The week after Manchester City was difficult for us, there were a lot of grumpy people, myself included.”

“This week there has been an intensity and focus. I don’t look at the table. I have said before I don’t look until 10 or 12 games in. It’s a long season, the first eight games were always very tough and they have proved to be that.” 

“It is time for Rob Elliot to step forward and fill Tim’s boots,” “He has to step up and perform. Rob is in as good a condition as you can be without actually playing.”

“The key thing is we are at home against Norwich and we have to perform, we owe it to the crowd,” “Norwich have been very good. They’ve got the confidence of promotion and have added very well. They can be a real handful.”

“We’re at home against them, but it doesn’t matter who the opponent is this weekend. We have to perform.”

Steve McClaren has to show some hope for the future and that his side can get our of trouble – hopefully before Christmas – much like Alan Pardew did last season after a poor start.

Newcastle went on a six game winning streak after getting our first win of the season at home to Leicester City on 18th October last year.

It´s also 18th October tomorrow.

If the head coach doesn´t believe that can happen neither will the players.

So tomorrow is a test of McClaren´s attitude, skills and temperament as much as that of the players.

We hope both the head coach and our players come through big time and also manage to get all 3 points.

If we can do that it will be a big relief but then we have to continue to win games.

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