Steve McClaren Issues Another Surprising Statement

Steve McClaren has spoken out about all the support he is getting at Newcastle – especially from Lee Charnley.

But that´s a little surprising because Lee Charnley has come under a bit of pressure from Newcastle fans for the way he´s run the club this year – Newcastle´s worst year so far in our history with three wins in 27 league games and when you combine the cup games – it´s four wins in 30 games – not good.

That´s why it´s very important our players come out today and give everything they have against Norwich City and the crowd will support them – a victory would be terrific.

Lee charnley and steve mcClaren

Lee Charnley and Steve McClaren
At the last Fans Forum Meeting

This is what Steve has said in the local papers:

“The staff have been terrific.  I have been impressed with Lee Charnley from day one, in terms of his vision and what he wants for the club.”

“I have been at other clubs where you go ‘Oh my word, I am not getting much from that’ and you’re kind of on your own. Here though, not at all.”

“The owner´s backing is important, from Lee and from everybody.”  “From the staff we have got that and especially from the players, that is important.”

“When things are on the outside like that, the most important thing for us is sticking together, supporting each other and performing.”

“Hopefully that win is just around the corner and our first opportunity for that is on Sunday.”

It´s good that Steve is getting the backing – but that´s another odd statement from the head coach – what has Lee communicated to the fans about Newcastle´s vision?

I’m all for a vision statement for any company – what do you want to become and how will you achieve that?

But I´m at a loss to know what Newcastle´s vision statement is under Lee Charnley so that probably points to Lee´s poor communication skills.

What we have heard from Lee is a repeat of things that Mike Ashley has said – no panic, improve the squad over time, do not overspend on players, buy players whose value appreciates over time.

And from Mike Ashley in May – win something – one of the cups or finish in the top four in the league so we qualify for the Champions League – but that´s more like short-term goals than a vision.

I cannot be the only one who doesn´t know what our vision is at the club..

Maybe at the Fans Forum meeting on Wednesday night the representatives can ask Lee what Newcastle vision is – other than staying in the Premier League at all costs.

Having our first win before that meeting would also be very good.

Comments welcome.

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