Head Coach Reveals Some Personal Life Details

We have empathy and sympathy for any Premier League manager these days because anything and everything they say comes under intense scrutiny – and it´s good most of them don´t read the papers otherwise they may go stark raving bonkers – so to speak.

Alan Pardew said he never read the press when he was at Newcastle and that was a good decision by Alan.

Steve McClaren wally with the brolly -006

Steve McClaren – Wally with the Brolly

Steve McClaren doesn´t seem to either,  because in his press conferences when certain stories are brought up that have been in  the papers – he doesn´t seem to know about them.

Good for him.

But if you cannot take the criticism you are probably not cut out for this particular job – which pays out big money but maybe at the expense of the health of the PL managers.

That wouldn´t be good.

Steve took some horrendous criticism when he was the England boss for a short 16 months before he was eventually fired – and he has said this about that particular difficult life experience:

“After England, I could have worked the next day,” “Get back on the horse and work the next day. That’s what I wanted to do.”

“It was a massive blow to my confidence and belief but I still had that.” “I felt I had a lot to do and prove. I was only 44, 45, at the time, so I knew I was only young and I had to recover.”

“It is always 24-7, thinking of this that and the other, wherever you are in the league.” “Between 3am and 6am are the best times to switch off.”

3:00 am to 6:00 am eastern time over here in the US is when I do my first stint on the blog, so that´s not a good time to switch off for me – although some would claim that´s exactly what happens – given some of the articles that go out.


It´s 4:50 am right now and the game kicks off at 11:00 am our time – and I take the dogs out around 6:00 am – sometimes before that – they are asleep on the bed right now  – a rottweiler Olive and a boxer mix Milo.

As my wife Madeleine keeps asking me over these last eight years – why are you doing this stuff in what are supposed to be our golden years?

That´s a good question.

But I don´t have a good answer to that other than I may just be a complete idiot.

Yeah – that´s probably it.

Hey – all I want to see today is a Newcastle win like any other Newcastle fan and I´ll be very happy – extremely happy and it makes it all worthwhile.

I may even take Madeline out to dinner – I´m not daft.

Howay The Lads!!