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McClaren’s Description Of Derby Day Is Spot On

6:11 pm, Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 76 Comments

Steve McClaren has completed his press conference for the game at Sunderland on Sunday and he describes the game spot on – for those Newcastle players who are new to a white-hot Newcastle – Sunderland derby game.

As far as both sets of fans are concerned these two games every season are the two most important games of the season.

steve mcclaren - cheslea had just equalized

Let’s hope this is not McClaren thinking about the game plan for Sunday

This is some of what Steve has said in his press conference today:

“It’s derby day on Sunday and the importance of this match is not lost on me or any of our players.”

“Quite simply it is one of the most important days of the season. We travel to the Stadium of Light at the weekend delighted to have our first win under our belts and looking to make it back-to-back victories.”

“Needless to say it was imperative that we won last week and whilst we all said beforehand that we would have taken a scrappy one-nil win, the bonus for everyone at the club and, in particular, you the supporters, was that it was an exciting, entertaining game with some fantastic periods of play and of course terrific goals.”

“I don’t need reminding that we have lost the last five derbies and for everyone associated with the club that is simply unbearable. It wasn’t so long ago that we won five in row and we are desperately keen and hugely motivated to turn the tide and bring the points back to Tyneside.”

The atmosphere is always incredible and I think unique to the North East and we have to go there, stand up and be counted. “There’s no question that our players understand what it means to win the derby.”

My message to the players is simple. Win every personal battle, handle the occasion and be disciplined. If we can do all that and put one or two of our chances away then we can come away with the positive result we all crave.”

All derby games are important – there’s no doubt about that and you can usually throw the form book away for who will win the game.

However, if we can win our first derby game for over four years it will give us added momentum following last Sunday’s 6-2 win over Norwich City  – and put us 7 points ahead of Sunderland after 10 games – when you take into account goal difference.

That sounds good to us.

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76 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    Ed…Are you sure he read out his letter for the fans at the press conference?

  • 2 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:25 PM

    Got to love Merson. I’m actually encouraged he has us down for a loss. I wonder what Lawro thinks?

    “Sunderland v Newcastle (12pm, Super Sunday)
    Can Newcastle end rut against fiercest rivals?

    I don’t see Sunderland losing this game, home advantage and 40,000-odd Mackems cheering them on is massive (Aye Paul, must be their first home game of the season…). Newcastle will flying having scored six goals last week and, in fairness, they should have been out of sight when they played Manchester City in the game before.

    That’s what I fear though, they weren’t out of sight then and they gave Norwich chances. They play an open style of football which is great to watch but that could hand the game to Sunderland. The Big Sam factor, coupled with the fact they have to win, I see Sunderland just snatching this one to make it six in a row.

    PAUL PREDICTS: 2-1 (Sky Bet odds 17/2)”

    To be fair, can’t really argue with much of what he says. It is a natural concern after the previous 5. However, it has to end some day (real soon too), why not Sunday.

  • 3 catchy in norway // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:25 PM

    I like the guy, he does come across a million times better than p45.

    If this was another Derby under p45 , he would said , of course this is an important game the players know it, they have to show fight and passion, I won’t have one of my teams just roll over, it’s never happened before.

    No this club means the world to me, I feel like I’ve been adopted by the region, I might retire here, you are all so gullible and believe anything ,oooops did I say that out loud

  • 4 Mag52 // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:26 PM

    I’ve gone for a draw, and an optimistic draw at that because big Sam has got a score to settle with NUFC and he’ll do his damnedest to settle it.
    The first twenty or so minutes will see the kitchen sink coming in our direction.
    If we can survive that without conceding, we could get away with a point.

  • 5 SUTTY1978 // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:34 PM

    Catchy, yep the he’d move on to talking about his “warrior” Colo “he’s just like me, we’re both winners”

  • 6 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:35 PM

    Catchy…It’s not though, so breathe with me.

    In and out. In and out. Repeat for a while (actually, don’t ever stop, it’s really vital).

    Mag52…I haven’t voted on a results poll in ages. Whilst the odds are better, I’d feel more comfortable trying to pick the lottery numbers. If we turn up, then I think we can win it. Sunderland really are a shower of, hmmm…what’s that word I’m looking for?

    Sam may want to get one over us, but let’s not forget what he has to work with. If they get a result, I imagine it’ll be because we allowed it, rather than Sam working up a storm.

    That’s what worries me. Which Newcastle is going to turn up? Can it be a better one than we’ve seen the past couple of years? That’d be great.

  • 7 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:41 PM

    I feel were going to giving them a beating for the record books….

  • 8 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:43 PM

    Dok…That would be nice. Have I read correctly that you’re going?

  • 9 sparky55 // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:44 PM

    just been going through todays posts and there’s a few out there keep on saying Colo isn’t short and he won’t be dominated and keep on pointing out he’s actually 6ft.

    I must admit I am very surprised he’s 6ft and can’t therefore really work out why he is always dominated by opposing centre forwards despite his height.

    I can therefore only come to one conclusion…he’s definitely white…he definitely can’t jump, he’s soft as clarts and can’t defend in the air to save his life…he’s that bad he can’t even put people off.

    If he plays on Saturday we’re knackered…he has to be sacrificed for the greater good or I’m gonna get some real stick come 2.00 o’clock on saturday

  • 10 Munster Mag // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:47 PM

    Catchy and Co…thanks for letting me know re Scott Sellars…it was bugging the hell out of me …can anyone remember the score in that game? I had to return to London immediately after I think so no tyneside pints 🙁

  • 11 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 6:48 PM

    Sparky…Who would you play instead? Has Willo partnered Mbemba yet? Has he even played any minutes this season?

    Actually, where is Willo?

  • 12 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    Munster…Was just reading something and saw this.

    “7. Singing in the rain

    What is it about rain and the Tyne-Wear derby?

    The home fixture in 1993 saw United gunning for promotion in the old second division and Sunderland fighting for their lives against relegation.

    Scott Sellars won it with a perfect free kick but hostilities did not die down.

    Sunderland player/manager Terry Butcher lost his rag, shoving David Kelly into a huge pool of water at the Gallowgate End. Kelly and United had the last laugh, however, as Newcastle nabbed the three points on their way to the Premier League for the first time.”

    Is that the game? During the first PL season?

  • 13 Munster Mag // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:09 PM

    Cheers ibiza. Hazy memories of an alcohol filled night in gatesheed the night before with fellow fanatics 🙂

  • 14 Bambams // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:09 PM

    So many of us can see Colo is not the player he was 4/5 years ago and it’s probably since ‘Cologate’ and the lass from Crammy…
    Since he tried to move back to Argentina he has only had the odd great game.
    We MUST have someone lined up in January – although we have been saying this every window for the last five !

  • 15 sparky55 // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:13 PM



  • 16 catchy in norway // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:16 PM

    In out , in out , in out ahhhh

    Much better

    But it is a fact 😉 Shteve comes across like he does care , like he has a plan, like he has put some thought into his answers

  • 17 will die for the toon army // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:16 PM

    Any one seen Aarons????? I dont think he will make the bench.

  • 18 Munster Mag // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:16 PM

    Off to the station afterwards and maybe a can or three on the train and pints in some usual shit london pub afterwards. For me though the best days were usually away in places like blackburn and ipswich. Geordies aal awa usually packed into a pub near the station. U know what? I think i need to do a weekend in London again and get to another game!

  • 19 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:17 PM

    Munster…No problem. Bet it was a good one.

    Bambams..What’s worrying me about his replacement, is that they gave him a 2 year extension. Or was it a 1 year extension, meaning he had 2 left?

    Either way, I really do hope they have something planned for January.

    Sparky…Fair enough. With Haidara staying at LB?

  • 20 sparky55 // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:21 PM


    aye…with hairdryer or mbabu left back

    and IMO Anita has to play alongside either Colback or Tiote…but I don’t think Tiote will start this weekend but will defo come on at some point in 2nd half…can’t afford an early yellow in a derby…it’ll end in disaster.

  • 21 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:21 PM


    its looking good thus far, wife gave the approval to start the plans to make it in march, as long as I agree to go be a tourist in London with her..

    small price to pay imo……

  • 22 will die for the toon army // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:22 PM

    Looking at the Pics We have:

    Team A:

    TEAM B:
    ………………De Jong………Cisse

    We have a good squad our back up players jst have to step up the plate

  • 23 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    one game I don’t want tiote to start in, hell be pumped up, we do not need a sending off, against the dimwits…

  • 24 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Catchy…Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but it’s fact to you, not everyone 🙂

  • 25 Ibizatoon // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:27 PM

    Sparky…You little Anita closet fan you!

    I agree on Tiote. Not a game to building up match sharpness really. Could really do with having 11 on the field.

    Dok…Sounds more than fair.

  • 26 will die for the toon army // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:34 PM

    Tiote might not be as good as Anita on the ball but he does something Anita will never in his life time. He will provide still.

  • 27 will die for the toon army // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:35 PM

    Tiote might not be as good as Anita on the ball but he does something Anita will never in his life time. He will provide steel.

  • 28 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:38 PM

    will die,

    I do like tiote, however, we do not need to go a man down.. start anita, and when we have a lead in the 2nd half, bring him on… anita has been good, don’t know why some still harp on him…

  • 29 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:39 PM

    sparky, sorry, wasn’t trying to imitate you, should’ve read 1st, then posted lol…

    great minds and all that…

  • 30 TroubledToon // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:57 PM

    This is where we need Colo to stand up n make himself heard… He may shy away from it in public, but at least in the dressing room, he need to tell the lads what to expect, since a lot of them haven’t experienced playing Scum. Need him to psyche em up and prepare em for the battle…. Get them to understand what this game means to the Club and the Fans…
    Will it happen tho? Honestly, I dunno… I just dunno

  • 31 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:57 PM

    Munster ’twas 25th April 1993 score 1-0

  • 32 will die for the toon army // Oct 22, 2015 at 7:59 PM


    I have liked wat Anita has provided with his movement and good with the ball going forward . But that isn’t wat I need from my DM. I need steel and reliance.

  • 33 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:02 PM

    I think I have seen the funniest T-shirt slogan ever.
    I was swapping rugby yarns with an old friend of mine from Gloucester.
    The stories were getting more and more blown up and outrageous.
    He took his jacket off and there I saw his T-shirt it said.
    “The older I get – the better I was ”
    ha ha ha.

  • 34 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    Bambams @14. That’s right.

    I asked recently who Colo was marking for Norwich’s first goal if not Mbokani. Who was the nearest Norwich player? I can’t remember who I was debating with. They said they’d have to check the video again.

    The answer is Colo was marking no one. Howson was coming in but marked. But Colo hadn’t a clue where he was and hadn’t put himself in a position to stop him even if he had.

    The fact is Mbokani was the immediate, imminent and massive threat. Colo could see it and didn’t even try to challenge him. He was doing absolutely nothing and had no intention of doing anything. He wasnt even prepared to lean on him.

    Colo won’t put his neck on the line and take pain for the club. He flinches and turns his back rather than prevent a hosl. You simply can’t have that. No way. It’s not good enough for this club. I’d rather give a shirt to a tough raw hopeful.

  • 35 Jail for Ashley // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    This is where we need Belfast to stand up n make himself heard… He may shy away from it on the public but at least on the blog, he needs to tell the Ian and his friends what to expect, since a lot of them haven’t experienced playing in real life . Need him to psyche em up and prepare em for the battle…. Get them to understand what this blog means to the Jail and his Fans…
    Will it happen tho? Honestly, I dunno… I just dunno

  • 36 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    will die,

    agreed, but not this match, this derby, on the heels of losing 5 in a row… just worry his emotions will carry him into a rash foul, which the refs will be quick to send him off….. we know how the refs love us….

  • 37 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:08 PM

    hosl? = goal

  • 38 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:09 PM


    with all due respect, colo was marking that phantasm at the post…

    it didn’t score, now, did it? 🙂

    if theres one match coclo needs to get up for its this one… how many derbies has he missed in a row?

  • 39 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    Colo the ghostbuster.

  • 40 Novocastrian66 // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:18 PM

    I can’t see us winning on Sunday for the simple reason I cannot see us keeping a clean sheet. Our sheets are dirtier than a makem’s underpants.
    I think they’ll start fast and furious, bombarded our penalty area with high balls which our centre halves won’t be able to deal with, they’ll get their goal then close ranks. They sneak another on a break and we will get a late one. 2-1 to Sunderland.

  • 41 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    How can one single out Colo from this total mess ?

  • 42 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    The makems have been dead jammy against us with refereeing decisions. Our luck has to change. It’s well overdue.

  • 43 optimistic prime // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:27 PM

    The only thing Tiote will give on Sunday is free kicks and pens to Sunderlsnd.

    Tiote from 3 years ago may have offered something, he’s been garbage for 2 seasons and couldn’t tackle the skin on a rice pudding without breaking the bowl.

    Look at the awesome job he didn’t do on Sunday, a fig leaf over your genitals offers more cover and protection.

    If he has such steel why did he hide in the 1st game of this losing streak once Cattermole gave him a taste of his own medicine after 30secs.

    I’d rather Goufran was there, he may offer nowt like Tiote but atleast he’d get to 90mins.

  • 44 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    how can one use google to nausea?

  • 45 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:37 PM

    Jib @41
    You’re a master of technology and google … but unfortunately not of football. It’s clearly not your game.

    The goal was a dog’s breakfast. However, Colo is most culpable. He’s the man in the middle charged with marking the centre forward. Crosses are not always prevented. When they’re not it’s the centre back’s job to stop the man in the middle.

    Just watch Colo only. He might as well have been serving drinks in the 1892 club. Pathetic. The point is that this is typical of Colo’s defending. It’s not a one off.

  • 46 dok - the horrid colonial // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:37 PM


    hope your dead wrong buddy… I feel like were gonna thrash them for 2 plus years of losing,….

  • 47 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:43 PM

    I did watch Colo only, and thought “oh my god” ,then I watched Tiote only and thought “flippin heck!” , then I watched Sissoko only and thought “bloomin Nora!!!” , then I watched Janmaat only and thought “sweet Jesus !!!!!!!!”

  • 48 Bambams // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    We are due a break in the derbies but at the end of the day we have in the past had a lot of local or English/British players that knew what the Derby meant.
    I hope this current team are not just words.
    At the same time I would rather be in our position with this set of players than Sunderlands….I genuinely think they will drop and from what a few of my work colleagues believe – they are Sunderland fans, they are skint !
    We need to spend a bloody fortune in January, Matip, Austin and a proven playmaker are a must or players of similar standing.
    Who these players are I have no idea.
    Cheers for the craic boys

  • 49 Novocastrian66 // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:55 PM

    Me too dok, but I no longer believe in fairies. Rewards have to be earned and I’m convinced they will be up for it and we don’t have anyone capable of standing up to them, except Mitrovic.

  • 50 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:58 PM

    I think the media have been linking us with the wrong Schalke defender , it’s not Joel Matip at all.

    Benedikt Höwedes has a £12.6 million release clause in his contract (expires June 2017) and it is a matter of record that we offered Schalke €18million for a defender in Summer.

    Benni is a German national team regular , 27 years old , can play anywhere across the back without demur , is a natural leader.

    What a signing he would be !!!!!!!

  • 51 Jail for Ashley // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:04 PM

    jeff thought Pardew got us promoted from the Championship how would he know who we wera after in the summer phaa

  • 52 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:07 PM

    See what I mean Ed
    You don’t really need an email do you ?

  • 53 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:15 PM

    We’ve got to be able to deal with crosses into the box. You’re not telling me we didn’t have enough numbers to defend that cross, are you?

  • 54 Mister Tuff // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:25 PM

    I saw Jib was still posting and not banned and thought – Holy Cow!

  • 55 Jail for Ashley // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:28 PM

    Well I reckon we’ve got them on the run this time, they’re shyting themselves, they’ve relied on six points from us for two seasons now and they’re not getting them this time round so I think we’ll see the last of them for awhile which is a shame for the pure reason we won’t be able to turn them over six times in a row for awhile !

  • 56 jimmysmith // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:40 PM

    I could talk endlessly about Pardew, not because I think he’s a great manager, but because he was here for so long when Ashley was obviously looking first and foremost at the bottom line, and it seems to me that it is within that context he has to be judged. I’ll be brief though because he’s gone.

    I’m essentially supportive of all things Newcastle as a starting point, but have at times been critical here and there, mostly of the transfer policy, and at times of talented players that don’t run around enough to succeed in this league

    Pardew I largely supported, even liked, because he was OUR manager, and a manager who worked hard and kept going when others would have long thrown in the towel.

    We generally played well when we had the players, very well on occasions, not so well when we didn’t, in a league that is remorseless. He’s gone to Palace and got a modest group playing effectively and well on the counter attack.

    His time came and went here, but I think to lay the blame for our periods of underachievement at his door, is an quite obviously an overly simplistic and inadequate position to take.

  • 57 Jail for Ashley // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:40 PM

    I don’t share the same hatred for Collo as our resident stalker but the guy should not be anywhere near the captains armband, I don’t think it a coincidence anymore that we have one of the worst goals against over the last few years anymore, he has simply got to have the worst GD of any CB in the PL.

  • 58 Jail for Ashley // Oct 22, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    Well put Jimmy, I didn’t like him, then liked and defended him then couldn’t stand the sight of him by the time he left.

  • 59 toon kk // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:00 PM

    As far as our defenders go Why don’t we close players down? Why do we stand back? And why does Colo turn his back? Yep in case he gets hurt.

  • 60 Jib // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:11 PM

    Benik Afobe
    6 foot striker from Wolves – latest name to be linked with us for January.

  • 61 SUTTY1978 // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:14 PM

    Jib, we were linked with him in the summer as well, they wanted £14m for him even though they bought him for about £2.5m last January!

  • 62 SUTTY1978 // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:18 PM

    Kk, the players always run up to close to the opposing player and then just stand near them, like the ball is going to magically transfer to them. I’d like to blame Carver for that. Even when Pardew was at the club you could always hear Carver hollering “don’t foul him” at the players which probably put them off attempting physical contact and certainly alerted the ref to a potential foul in the offing even if there isn’t one occurring!

  • 63 SUTTY1978 // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:27 PM

    Just seen that PEA is second highest scorer in all European leagues, 10 goals so far. Him and Mitro would be some partnership…. If only.

  • 64 jimmysmith // Oct 22, 2015 at 10:37 PM

    Very difficult to take the captaincy off someone, and still play them. Many argue that the role of captain is largely symbolic, and I tend to agree. Having a group of players who are willing to take individual responsibility is far more important than a single powerful voice. He was offered the job, and can’t reasonably be criticised for taking it, surely.

  • 65 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:19 PM

    Liverpool had 35 shots on target and only mustered one damn goal. Must have been a shit load of pea rollers and tame chipped efforts straight into the keepers arms eh. I’d certainly want more of a return for my 35 shot outlay anyways

  • 66 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    35 shots altogether sorry. I’m more blind then John Motson when it comes to recent stats

  • 67 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:22 PM

    Whatever it was, it was crap strike rate.

  • 68 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:24 PM

    Bet they’re gutted ol’ Sturridge has got paper shins

  • 69 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:34 PM

    Ol’ crumple muscles

  • 70 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:35 PM

    Too many tumbleweeds rolling by.

    Stay strong people…

  • 71 Toon Tang // Oct 22, 2015 at 11:43 PM

    Off to my pit, it’s now safe to come out.

  • 72 Munster Mag // Oct 23, 2015 at 12:03 AM

    Jail, so u are flexible at best and feeble at worst! Dont get narky or i wont buy u a pint on my next toon visit!

  • 73 jane // Oct 23, 2015 at 12:04 AM

    not many class players are needed in a team to make it perform a lot better like Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge did so maybe Mitrovic, Wijnaldum and Perez can be a similar ie make more of a difference than you would think just 3 players can.

  • 74 jimmysmith // Oct 23, 2015 at 12:06 AM

    The only player I’d take from Sunderland is the much despised Cattermole. Very competitive and combative midfielder of the type we are missing and more than decent on the ball and would compliment Colback. Would much prefer a fit, focused and committed Tiote though, which might be just as fanciful, at this stage of his Newcastle career.

  • 75 jimmysmith // Oct 23, 2015 at 12:12 AM

    For the first 11, that is. There’s quite a few others I’d take for the squad.

  • 76 Munster Mag // Oct 23, 2015 at 12:17 AM

    Jimmy, colback and cattermole. No thanks. Too industrial even for playing makems. I wish the deise centre half wasnt playing for them. He’s a tough man. Btw deise = waterford. As in…up the deise buoy! Htl 🙂

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