Former Striker’s Vicious Criticism Of Newcastle Player

We suppsoe it’s safe to say that Mick Quinn the former Newcastle striker was never a fan of Fabricio Coloccini and he won’t be after today’s game.

Mick is right when he says there was no need to give Steven Fletcher a little nudge (that was all it was even through Steve went flying – really impressive) as goalkeeper Rob Elliot was always going to get to the ball first.

And that’s what it should never have been a red card – it was not a clear-cut goal-scoring opportunity.

mick quinn

Mick Quinn – slams Fabricio Coloccini

But of course that’s all under the Tyne Bridge now – we lost 3-0.

If the FA comes out and says it should not have been a red card – do we get a point for the game?

Here’s Quinn’s rather vicious criticism of the Newcastle captain.