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Newcastle Are Quickly Becoming The Calamity Club

3:07 pm, Sunday, October 25th, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 65 Comments

Most people who saw the game today – even those from Sunderland  – would probably admit that Newcastle were the better side – ( on second thoughts maybe not Sunderland fans) – and we dominated the first half but missed what chances we created.

But then in added time in the first half the eferee made the biggest play of the game when he awarded Sunderland a penalty after Coloccini had slightly nudged Steven Fletcher in the penalty area.

You see those nudges all the time from defenders but of course Fletcher went flying – he must have been practicing those in training to look so good – and referee Robert Madley then made two mistakes.

The first was to give a penalty.

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 25: Adam Johnson of Sunderland celebrates scoring his team's first goal from the penalty spot during the Barclays Premier League match between Sunderland and Newcastle United at Stadium of Light on October 25, 2015 in Sunderland, England. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Adam Johnson after scoring from penalty spot

The second mistake was to send off Coloccini for what he therefore must have  thought was a clear goalscoring opportunity, but TV replays showed goalkeeper Rob Elliot was always going to reach the ball first.

There will be an appeal by Newcastle about the sending off and we’d be surprised if we cannot get that red card overturned – it should have been a yellow.

But once again a referee’s decision ruined a Premier League game – and it happens far too much and there far too many red cards in today’s game.

In the olden day you only ever got send off unless it was really serious, but these days you can two innocuous yellow cards and you are off – they should change the rules somehow so less player are sent off.

But of course in those days if you were fouled the players got up and played on – they didn’t roll around on the pitch until the referee shows the red card and then they are up on their feet and fine.

The players con the referees far too much these days.

Even with 10 men in the second half Newcastle looked a more accomplished side.

But this was the third time we have had a man sent off in the first half and after Cheick Tiote picked up a yellow after 12 minutes (last week it was after 5 minutes) we were just happy he was still on the field when the game went into added time in the first half.

So this is another game we found a way of losing – but with the referee’s help this time

6 points from the first 10 games is not good and we assume Lee Charnley is getting his transfer targets ready so we can fortify the team in January – especially our defense which has now conceded 22 goals – the worst in the Premier League.

And that’s after conceding 190 goals in the last three seasons combined – so we already knew we have a very poor defense.

Not enough was done to improve it this summer.

If we keep losing games like this one, we could be in the relegation zone come January and that will make it more difficult to bring good players in.

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65 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Thump // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    Calm it, Ed…

    From last: Having had a bit of time to think, I honestly don’t know how we lost that. We absolutely hammered them the first half and should have put the game to bed long before the penalty decision.

    Speaking of penalties, why didn’t we get one for the clothesline on Gini? And how exactly did Cattermole see the game through? I lost count at 8 fouls.

  • 2 JamesToon // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:09 PM

    I agree mate.

    There was only one team playing football today and that was us. I hope mackems enjoy their season of defensive long ball because that’s all it will be

  • 3 chicousa // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:09 PM

    Janmaat finished up as captain

  • 4 Quarryman // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    I will be spitting if we appeal and they rescind Colo’s red… It’s a real chance to improve the defence with him out, and the points are still gone…

  • 5 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    More I think about it what went wrong with the pen was Fletcher not being tracked properly, too slow to head him off, next Elliot did not fancy diving forward to collect and getting his head stoved in. Next, when Colo had Fletcher at his shoulder he should have gone down – he may not have got the foul, but his falling body would have shielded the ball as Elliot gathered. Poor show from curlilocks. . And Plantpot

    What went wrong even before all this was cattermole being given the keys to the refs lounge.

  • 6 the broons // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    I know ive missed the brigade and sorry to jump on it but referee….. You abseloute disgrace.

    Am so angry, not at the players. In the past yes. right now? no. I will never forgive this referee unless he resigns .

  • 7 Toon Tang // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    I bloody knew that over-extended win bar would come back to kick us in the knackers.

    Bloody knew it

  • 8 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    Foston from previous – the players did not let themselves down at all. FACT! Losing is not always an indicator of lack of effort or heart.

  • 9 Slank // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    Ed, another stupid caption from you again.

    Stop being so bloody negative.

    That result flaterred them. They were appalling.

    You should concentrate on how good our performance was. Even with 10 men we outplayed them. Our passing and movement was the best we have seen this season. Our attempts on goal was probably the highest this season.

    We will play worse and win.

  • 10 Toon Tang // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:17 PM

    Fair play the ref had us by the bollocks but whenever we go into these derbies on the back of a win, everyone predicts 3-0 4-1 3-1 wins etc etc and we get done every time.

    Bloody knew it

  • 11 nut meg // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:17 PM

    Small World @48
    That’s what Collo done,a should charge and on this occasion he was the stronger player.Referee cost us big time.

  • 12 chicousa // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:17 PM

    That bit about Cattermole getting the keys to the refs lounge was priceless! 🙂

  • 13 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:18 PM

    manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    cant wait for him to ref a home game for us he is gonna get the worst abuse ya can ever imagine i reckon, doubt it will be this season now tho but will be interesting to see

  • 14 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:18 PM

    Crumbs of comfort –

    This loss was not down to lack of heart or effort.

    This loss illustrates the need for strengthening the squad in January.

    This loss shows Tiote, Colback and Thauvin are not really first team

    This loss has shown Colo has lost his way and needs time out, preferably time out of the country.

  • 15 chicousa // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    Tsunki, not tsunami…. Damn spell checker.

  • 16 Jib // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:20 PM


    This is the rule it comes under and like so much in soccer it is very vague and left to the judgement of the ref whether excess force was used.

  • 17 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:21 PM

    “If the ball is within playing distance, the player may be fairly charged by an opponent.”

    there you go in black n white its not our fault fletcher is a pussy

  • 18 Munster Mag // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:22 PM

    Slank i agree totally. My mate thauvin.
    ….what the hell was old man carr thinking??

  • 19 corkypants // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:22 PM

    The referee was shocking today absolutle dog s@#t, oooohhh i bet the colo haters are loving this! it was never in a million years a pen how cattermole went the whole game without a booking is a absolute joke, the amount of shirt pulling when we had corners was a joke and the gini penalty shout the ref was shocking we were in total control untill colo got the red. The only criticism i can give steve mc would be he should of gone 3-4-2 as soon as we went one down

  • 20 Toon Tang // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:22 PM

    Tsunki, the tsunami of knowledge and footy related gubbins, quotes and general philosophic wizardry 🙂

  • 21 Moonraker15 // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    Did Clattermole even get a yellow? That was a disgraceful reffing performance a I bet the 4th official was embarrassed !

  • 22 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    TOON will be alright this season – I think we are playing better football this season than in the past 3 or 4 – Just need a little bit of luck to go our way.
    And buy a couple of class defenders in the window

    Cannot get my head around referee’s -Tiote gets book yet Clattermole was kicking lumps out of players from the first 5 minutes onwards yet got nowt – should of had a penalty maybe two.

    Players and fans have not got to let their heads go down –

  • 23 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:24 PM

    tsunki colback? seriously?

    i get wat ya mean if we are gonna spend big on a couple of cm’s but not first team now?

  • 24 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:27 PM

    toon tang i now shout “WINBAR” as a stress reliever works well cheers

  • 25 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    Chicousa & Toon Tang – can’t say I’m offended by being called Tsunami I am an unstoppable wave of…. something….ha ha 🙂

  • 26 JDdubai // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    Outstanding performance by the team, they will be in big trouble if that is the best they can do.

    Dont think it was a foul by Colo but can be argued either way. Red card it was definitely not, no way Fletcher would get the ball so cant be a goal scoring opportunity.

    Mbemba gets better each week, Wini also. Our side is much closer now to a really good team that in the last few years. If we can get the same level of players in as Mbemba, Wini and Mitro in January and the summer then we will be sorted.

  • 27 GeordieInSunderland // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    very inexperienced ref and if you notice a very experienced ref was the 4th official Mike Dean?
    Bloody joke of a game. I switched it off a HT as you could see what was going to happen. I now have to avoid the neighbours again for a sixth time

  • 28 Slank // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:30 PM


    I would also add skill and inventiveness.

    How many times did Niall Quinn, no doubt through gritted teeth, praise us for our attacking play and movement.

    Discounting the score this was the best team performance to date. The game against Chelsea, the first half against City, the whole match against Norwich and now this game has shown a massive improvement from last season that leaves me feeling we will climb the table but Sunderland and my favourites for relegation Vills will not.

  • 29 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:30 PM

    Manxpie I’ve never rated him since we bought him, even the mackems were not disappointed by him going, only by WHERE but not as a loss to them. The always knew he was a negative effect player. Anita at least tries to create and can tackle better.

  • 30 JDdubai // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:30 PM

    Sunderland i meant by being crap, not us.

  • 31 chicousa // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:30 PM

    Tsunki, Tsunami of wit! Keep us laughing because this match hurt badly 🙁

  • 32 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:30 PM

    …and to be clear, Anita needs to be bettered.

  • 33 Jail for Ashley // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:31 PM

    I don’t think he will go after giving him a new two year deal b the fans turning on him big time now

  • 34 nut meg // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:33 PM

    Fletcher man of the match on the BBC web site !

  • 35 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:34 PM

    Slank yes I noticed that Quinn was grudgingly honest, I think he rather said that than just how utterly dross his beloved mackems were. Shots on target? Possession? We murdered them on stats but a poor decision ruins a game. Chicken ref, cattermoles uncle.

  • 36 JDdubai // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:34 PM

    The last 4 games, Chelsea, City 1st half, last week and this. Big i provement, starting to see a real team coming through now.

    Just need to continue the quality of recruitment in January, another Mbemba type at CB, a top level CM and a CF with pace ideally and we will be sorted.

    Much more positive feeling about the team now compared to a month ago.

  • 37 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:36 PM

    i disagree tsunki he is the player that we need right now and his actual work goes unnoticed he’s always harrying and being a thorn in the midfield as i said earlier a 7/10 player most of the time where as tiote or anita are either hit or miss and usually miss
    we need a proper def mid wat tiote was once apon a time

  • 38 Slank // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:36 PM


    I now removed the pins out of a voodoo doll.

  • 39 banjax // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:37 PM

    Newcastle just didn’t deserve this result. Just before their (non) penalty, wynaldum was held and obstructed in the Sunderland penalty area by Clattermole – Penalty NUFC ! Clattermole must have donated his weeks wages to the referees widows and orphans fund because he was fouling with impunity all over the park and was Tiote who was booked for a foul which was no worse than just one of Clattermole’s. Even with 10 men Newcastle were outperforming Sunderland players in every category except goals. Absolutely no justice for our lads out there today. Sunderland may be rejoicing now, but if they play like that in the games to come, they will be relegated – no doubt about it. Having said all that our stats are not much better than Aston Villa who sacked their Manager today and if we lose our next home game then on parity McLaren must be on the brink of losing his job !

  • 40 nut meg // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I wonder if the that ref will be dropped from the PL next week?

  • 41 GeordieInSunderland // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    Lets think about this. Would a better manager than McLaren get more out of this team I think they would. Now is the time to go and get De Boer and give him a 5 year contract to sort it out.

  • 42 Jib // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:40 PM

    The award of an Indirect Free Kick for a ‘Fair Charge’ challenge was taken out of the Laws of Association Football during the 1997/98 season. Prior to this, the Referee could award an indirect free kick and the wording in Law 12 was as follows;

    ‘Charging fairly, i.e. with the shoulder, when the ball is not within playing distance of the players concerned and they are definitely not trying to play it.’

    The award of an ‘Indirect Free Kick’ for any sort of shoulder charge no longer applies in today’s game – charging an opponent is an offence and should be penalised by the award of a direct free kick/penalty kick against the offending player if deemed careless. If reckless or committed with excessive force, the appropriate disciplinary sanction will also be required.

    Whether the ball is not within playing distance or not, is no longer a criteria for awarding a foul (or for not awarding a foul).’

    They have clearly softened football , Nat Lofthouse famously scored a goal at Wembley
    by shoulder chargin a goalie over the goal line , that would never happen now.

    In simple terms they have simplified “FAIR charge” to “charge” and left it to the discretion of the ref.

  • 43 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:41 PM

    Dear Fabricio,

    I stuck up for you in the past because you were unfairly vilified. You’re not suddenly rubbish, but your lack of concentration and application these days show that you no longer have the heart for NUFC. it’s obvious your mind is on gliding into retirement on a nice wage, and extended periods of re-acclimatisation in your homeland. I sincerely hope that your replacement in January walks straight into the team, and that we can amicably part ways as fans and player before we have to forcibly come round your house, bind you in a carpet and float you out of Tynemouth harbour. Adios, and muchas gracias for all the missed derbies.

    Yours, well actually not yours,


  • 44 beddersmag // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:41 PM


    Harsh on tiote IMO. We dominated during time he was on pitch. Funnily enough im more optomistic about staying up than before game. Agree with slank, terribly unlucky but showed skill and fight. We have also commited funds to jan when few usually do. We look better placed to pick up points than they do so lets hope for the loud last laugh

  • 45 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    I found that myself. I thought it was so vague it could not be the rule for a shoulder charge.

  • 46 John Tudor // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    bent ref

  • 47 lochinvar // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    I did feel Elliot was slow to get down to some shots against Norwich and he was again today when he might have got to the ball quicker in the pen shout and that might have made the red think twice ( unlikely but might have )

  • 48 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    3 days ago

    42Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 22, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    The makems have been dead jammy against us with refereeing decisions. Our luck has to change. It’s well overdue.

  • 49 Bambams // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    I have been at work and haven’t seen any of the game.
    I have read most of the comments and I am just hoping we can put together a run of games that we can win.
    I didn’t expect this result !

  • 50 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:44 PM

    As jeff says football has been turned into a nancified subbuteo. Not just Lofthouse but many a bony forward barged unconscious keepers into the net still holding the ball to their body for a goal.

  • 51 ilovetoon8788 // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:44 PM

    We need a win next game. We can’t be playing better but no points to speak of. Points matters and we must get 3 points next week or we’ll be in big big trouble

  • 52 the broons // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:46 PM

    some fans in here turning against mcclaren including this mackem in disguise av never seen before! go away you naka

  • 53 Slank // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:46 PM

    Tsunki @ 35

    You are probably right. He could hardly say over and over again ‘well that was rubbish by Sunderland’.

    He must know that they are in trouble if this is a performance that they have worked themselves up for. The question is, well big Sam’s magic keep them above the parapet ? He has a much more difficult job than McClaren as we can see with every game the team coming together and playing a more coherent passing game.

  • 54 Jib // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:46 PM

    Somebody earlier in the day , to further their whinging about Colo , went down the Xenophobic road and branded the Argentines as cowards and softies.
    I suggest they watch Argentina v Australia in the Rugby WC semi finals this afternoon , their opinion will soon change.

  • 55 Ron Knee // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:46 PM

    Well, I was quite wrong. I thought we’d be unable to repeat the form we showed against Norwich. It’s sickening to outplay the opposition and lose in this way.

  • 56 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:48 PM

    It’ll change on weekend 19th 20th March – hopefully a nail in their relegation coffin.

  • 57 Jib // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:51 PM

    By gum they don’t know how to “do” derbies in Manchester , what a crock .

  • 58 manxpie // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:52 PM

    look at that rooney on otto not a foul in the refs eye good defending in nevilles eyes
    surely that was putting the attacker off without going for the ball from behind aswell

  • 59 Toon Tang // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:55 PM

    Manx 24, hahaaa sounds like a German motivational word maybe 🙂

  • 60 beddersmag // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:57 PM

    I think pen is harsh for a couple of reasons. IMO fletcher was third favourite for the ball. The situation was under control but the ref has chosen to highlight a perceived excess of aggression in a subjective situation. The magnitude of the decision compounded by the double whammy punishment of pen and red. Also, against Fletcher you do need to put your weight behind a collision or you will the one sent flying. This was the only time colo knocked fletcher down, because he allowed him too. Still, was a bit ott why give him the chance?

    Anyone else think pen and red too harsh? I didnt even think was a goal scoring chance, but in general that rule ruins a lot of games

  • 61 Tsunki // Oct 25, 2015 at 3:59 PM

    I’ve supported Colo as a player all the way. But his attitude to missing derbies has been worrying for a long time.

  • 62 geordieboy83 // Oct 25, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Can I just say how refreshing it is to see nobody over react after that result. I was dreading reading the comments after the match, but I’m glad the vast majority of us can see we played a very good game of football, innovative, powerful, skilful and that was an unjust result

  • 63 posada // Oct 25, 2015 at 4:32 PM

    Collo’s legs have gone. Never been the quickest, but is now struggling.
    Problem, he is Captain and we are depending on his experience.
    However, the whole way we play has to to compensate for his lack of pace etc.
    At least 2/3 times in a game he will be found out, even by poor or average teams.
    Decision to give him a new deal was a bad error.

  • 64 AndyMac // Oct 25, 2015 at 4:33 PM

    FAO GeordieBoy83

  • 65 nufconceandfuturekings // Oct 25, 2015 at 5:11 PM

    I’m too depressed to comment.
    Er, oops…

    Seeing as I am commenting, then, here’s my two-penneth; we’ve been severely punished for not putting away our chances in the first forty minutes, particularly playing the Makems who have got to be a ridiculously lucky team, no matter how many times their fans bleat that they’re not. Despite the scoreline, I believe that Sunderland are so bad, they’ll go down. With us, there’s some hope in the quality we have in the team, but there’s stacks of work to be done.

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