Fabicio Coloccini’s Red Card Overturned

As we had expected the FA have overturned Coloccini’s red card from Sunday and he will be available to play the game at home to Stoke City on Saturday.

So does this mean we can play the second half against Sunderland again?

Maybe tomorrow night –  with the score 1-0 – we’ll give Sunderland the advantage that it may have been a penalty.

coloccini red card sunderland

Wrong – Fabricio Coloccini red card that changed the game

Newcastle have just issued the good news.

This is what the FA has said in response to Newcastle’s appeal against the red card.

Fabricio Coloccini will not serve a one-match suspension after his wrongful dismissal claim was successful.

An Independent Regulatory Commission found that the match referee had made an obvious error in dismissing the Newcastle United defender for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity during the game against Sunderland on Sunday 25 October 2015.

Newcastle United have been charged for failing to control their players in relation to their reaction to the match referee’s decision.

The club have until 6pm on 30 October 2015 to respond to the charge.

The bad news is that Newcastle have been charged for failing to control the players in their reaction to the decision.

Isn’t this just a silly charge – the players were reacting to a bad call and the FA have just verified it was a bad call.

Well that’s the FA for you – they are so ridiculous at times.

We hope Newcastle point out the stupidity of that charge by the FA – well maybe not – they may decide to ban Colo for one game.

It’s really sad when the referee makes what was such an obvious error in dismissing the Newcastle captain when it was fairly obvious that Rob Elliot would have reached the ball before Steven Fletcher who had allegedly been fouled by Colo.

Therefore, it wasn’t an obvious scoring opportunity.

The TV replays showed it was obviously not a red card – why the referees are always left without any help to reach these decisions is getting to be a joke.

It’s like Frank Lampard’s  goal against Germany in the World Cup in South Africa just before half time where the big screens at the ground were showing the ball was about three feet over the line yet the officials let it stand – that it was not a goal.

And that’s  in a World Cup – the Premier League have the new goal-line technology installed  to get over that problem and it works really well.

Video replays will have to be introduced at some point simply because there is just too much money riding on these games – but perhaps not in my lifetime.

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