The Audacity Of The FA – Issue Charge Against Newcastle

It could only be the FA that would have the audacity to do this.

In the same statement that they admit referee Robert Madley made an obvious error in sending off Fabricio Coloccini against Sunderland on Sunday – they have charged Newcastle with failing to control their players in their reaction to the referee’s decision.

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Yet – in the same statement they admit it was a wrong decision by the referee.


And let’s not forget it was a derby game – the derby game.

This is the FA Statement:

Fabricio Coloccini will not serve a one-match suspension after his wrongful dismissal claim was successful.

An Independent Regulatory Commission found that the match referee had made an obvious error in dismissing the Newcastle United defender for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity during the game against Sunderland on Sunday 25 October 2015.

Newcastle United have been charged for failing to control their players in relation to their reaction to the match referee’s decision.

The club have until 6pm on 30 October 2015 to respond to the charge.

Anyway, we now expect the second half to be played sometime in the near future – the date to be decided by the FA – with the score at 1-0 – and Newcastle will have 11 men on the field this time.


Seriously though,  it’s good to have Colo on Saturday and he was having a good game in that first half.

Comments welcome.

Note – in early versions of this article I said it was the fans the FA was charging Newcastle for not controlling and of course it was the players.

Here´s the FA trying to save face after the referee ruined the game with one decision.

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