It’s Gone – We Can’t Do Anything About It

It seems that assistant coach Paul Simpson will give an interview on nufcTV most Tuesdays before a game on the weekend and he gave one yesterday after Newcastle found out that Fabricio Coloccini? red card had been rescinded – but it was an obvious error by rookie referee Robert Madley who should never have been given such a high profile game to referee.

The decision recked Newcastle´s chances of winning the game – but it´s water under the Tyne Bridge now,  but there are also too many mistakes being made by these match officials.

paul simpson with two balls

Paul Simpson – overturned red card no consolation

It´s going to be an ongoing problem because of the huge money involved in the Premier League these days.

It was good news that Colo can now play for us on Saturday against Stoke but small comfort that we still lost against Sunderland under very dubious circumstances.

This is some of what Paul said – initially on Colo´s dismissal just before half-time:

“The fact that the card has been overturned tells us that other people agree.”

“There was only one person who thought it was a penalty and the Sunderland fans behind the goal who are naturally going to be biased and say it was a penalty.”

“We know we were in full control of that game and it got taken away from us and that’s disappointing.” “It’s gone though and we can’t do anything about it.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed with a really odd decision.”  “It was a gut wrenching blow when I saw what the referee had decided to do on Sunday.”

“We were in a game where we felt we were so in control.” “We were so pleased with the way we were playing and applying their game plan and how we were set about Sunderland. We were delighted.”

“We knew we needed a goal to stamp our authority on the game and felt it was a matter of time.”

“It wasn´t a consolation – no – because we can’t change the result.”  “We can’t change the record or statistic that Sunderland have won the last six.”

“We are absolutely gutted for ourselves, but even more so you have to think of the fans feel.”  “We had unbelievable support again and I’m sure they felt we dominated the game in the first half.”

“We made them look a very poor side in that first period.” “But they won it so they can say whatever they like.”

“They can look back and say they have won the last six and that’s a difficult thing to deal with and horrible for the supporters.”

“It’s horrible for us to deal with as coaches and players.” “In the end we had to take it on the chin.” “You have to expect that they won it comfortably at the end of the 95 minutes.”

“But it could have been so different without the decision we had to deal with.”

Paul is right that it´s very hard to take for Newcastle fans – it´s absolutely gut-wrenching.

But hopefully our players will come out against Stoke and give us that kind of performance we saw against Sunderland in the first half for the full 90 minutes – but we must be disciplined and take our chances.

If we can get a win on Saturday it will help ease the pain of our supporters.

But it´s time to move on from another calamitous derby loss – this time caused by the appointment of an inexperienced referee for the game.

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