Newcastle Star Relying On New Technology

Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul has had surgery on his ACL knee injury so he didn´t go over to the US and have it done by world-renowned surgeon Dr. Richard Steadman and Tim has now started his lengthy rehabilitation.

One of the problems with serious injuries like this is that the muscles in the leg atrophy, so he currently has a machine that he hooks up to that stimulate his leg muscles so they don´t atrophy – well not too much anyway.

tim krul injured and dejected

Tim Krul after suffering injury playing for the Netherlands

These types of injuries back in the 1960s used to spell the end of a football career and that happened with Brian Clough when he was only 27 years old.

When Brian tried to come back two years later he played only a handful of games before retiring and starting what was to become a tremendously successful career as a manager – starting at Hartlepool United.

Brian was also some entertainer in those interviews of his.


Paul Simpson was interviewed on nufcTV and talked about Tim:

“Tim is at home with some sort of machine to keep the stimulus going in his thigh and quad muscles to keep the protection around the knee joint.”

“I think he’s on that for about eight hours every single day so he has to do a lot of that on his own.”

“But he will come in here to keep his face around the building. It’s good for him to come in and see the lads.”

“Hopefully together we can all keep each other on the right track.”

The good news for Tim (if we can call it that) is that technology is improving all the time and maybe this new machine is a new method to reduce the atrophy of the muscles from this type of serious injury.

It´s probably an electric current being sent through the area around the knee which helps the healing process.

But the best we can hope for is that Tim is ready to play in early July – but Newcastle cannot take any chances and bring him back too early.

We remember poor Ryan Taylor who broke down and suffered a second ACL knee injury a couple of years ago – Ryan took that blow very well – but it must have been completely soul-destroying for him.

Tim is an excellent goalkeeper and Newcastle must handle his rehabilitation with extreme care and caution so he can continue playing for us for years to come.

It´s a huge blow to lose Tim for the season and we are just hoping the injury that Jack Colback picked up in the derby game on Sunday is not too serious.

If it is we could be in trouble.

Here´s hoping for some good news on that one.

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