Quiet Man Coloccini Explains His Reaction

Fabricio is a relieved man tonight after his red card was rightly overturned at around 5:00 pm yesterday afternoon by the FA but they also charged Newcastle  for failing to control their players, who were arguing that the decision made by referee Robert Madley to send Colo  off was obviously incorrect.

he FA  agreed it was an obvious bad call by the referee and rescinded the red card but then charges Newcastle with failing to control their player´s reaction to that bad call – which changed the game.

The FA continues to embarrass itself – but what´s new?

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Fabricio Coloccini – obvious wrong red card
But it gave the game to Sunderland

This is what Colo has said on the Newcastle web-site about the red card being overturned:

“It is justice,” “It is not a surprise to me that the red card was overturned because it was a wrong decision.”

“I am happy because I am able to play against Stoke, but it does not change what happened on Sunday.”

“The red card affected the game and the result, which was very painful for everyone in the Club and the city.”

“We lost the game, we lost three points and we lost the derby. We cannot get that back, and that is why I cannot be too happy about winning the appeal – it does not change these things.”

“As soon as the referee gave the red card, I knew it was wrong. I spoke with the referee but he had made his decision.”

“I was very angry on the pitch,” “I am normally a quiet man but it was a very big injustice in a big game.”

“During my career I have had plenty of red cards, and I am the first man to put my hands up if I have done wrong.”

“But straight away I knew this red card was not the right decision, and that is why I was very angry on the pitch.”

We´ll have to move on from the latest disaster against Sunderland and next up is Stoke City at home on Saturday.

If we can get a win against Stoke that will help ease the pain of the loss to Sunderland – basically given to them by the referee after we had overwhelmed them in the first 45 minutes.

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