Newcastle Could Lose Best Player Next Summer

Georginio Wijnaldum is starting to settle in on Tyneside and he has played 9 games so far for Newcastle and scored six goals and has one assist.

In our last home game against Norwich Gini got the headlines with four goals and with each one of them he showed the tremendous skill he possesses.

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Gini Wijnaldum – doing so well recently

The former PSV captain was the Dutch Player of the Season before he joined Newcastle for £14.5M in the summer – the third most expensive player we have ever signed behind Michael Owen and Alan Shearer.

The 24 year-old is already being noticed by the bigger clubs in the Premier League and if he continues this kind of form – especially on the goal scoring side of things – he will be a really hot item next summer.

And as always with Newcastle these days – with the club continuing to fall down the football ladder in England – the question will become – can we keep him at Newcastle.

If we are to build a top side as  Mike Ashley said last May then we have to keep players like Gini on board,  otherwise we come very similar to a bank – where making money is the only important thing.

We´ll just have to wait and see,  but Gini´s ambitions could also play a part and if he´s good enough why shouldn´t he play for one of the big clubs in England?

Unfortunately, Newcastle are no longer one of those clubs and while we were hoping to have a season in the top half of the Premier League  that may not happen and  we are already struggling with relegation and are second bottom of the league table.


It´s hard to blame top players at Newcastle who want to leave for a bigger club – because a football career is so short.

Rather we think the responsibility lies with the club for not having much bigger ambitions than we have shown over the last decade – in other words,  it´s our own (damned) fault.

So next summer – assuming we are still in the Premier League – we will want to bring in more top players to strengthen the squad – but holding onto a player like Gini Wijnaldum could prove to be very difficult – if not impossible.

What do you think?

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