McClaren Wants To Start A New Tradition With Newcastle Fans

Steve McClaren has again mentioned the Newcastle fans are very important to Newcastle and the team – and the head coach is clear that he wants the fans thanked after every game whether we win, lose or draw.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren we need to acknowledge fans

Steve had his press conference this afternoon and also carried out some interviews with the local press.

This is what he said about the Newcastle fans:

“The fans are important. It is something which when I was in Holland was kind of a ritual.”

“What our president would say – and he used to insist on it – was: Okay, it might have been good, bad or indifferent but there were always some fans who went to the game who appreciated the effort put in and they would probably stay behind and we had to applaud them.”

“It was a tradition in Holland and in Germany and I thought it was a good one.” “Will it take off here? I don’t think so but we are just trying to reconnect and get closer to the fans.”

“I’d like to. I once stormed off in Holland with the centre-forward and the president kicked me back out – so that taught me a lesson in that.”

“It was difficult but I said to the players that is our audience.” “I know it is not the theater when everyone stands up and gets a round of applause. Of course, it is different.”

“But you have got to have that toughness to stay there and not to skulk off. We will keep trying to do it.”

The other way of saying what Steve is talking about it that at the end of every game you will have to go and acknowledge the fans – whether it´s home game or an away game.

So players had far better give everything they have in the game – otherwise you may be booed.

And if you hadn´t given 100% you would deserve the boos.

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