Newcastle Will Take Risk – Three Goalkeepers Travel South

It seems that Newcastle will take another chance with Rob Elliot pn Saturday and he has been nursing a thigh injury for a little while now and it went in the second half against Stoke City last Saturday, but the 29 year-old was able to finish the game.

You’ve got to give it to Rob for his courage and perseverance and he made two great saves against Stoke and one was late in the game and the good news is that his thigh has responded to intense treatment this week.

rob elliot in training

Rob Elliot in training

But Elliot’s injury has responded to treatment and the good news is the keeper has trained for the past two days with no ill-effects, but it’s still a dodgy situation and his thigh could go at any time, especially when he is kicking.

That’s how it went last December against Chelsea and he was out for several months after that.

On the plane to Bournemouth will be 18 year-old goalkeepers Freddie Woodman and Brendan Pearson as backup with Freddie on standby for the game.

If Rob Elliot does start the game then we’d like to see some precautions taken such as have one of the defenders take the goal kicks – that will help protect the thigh and maybe he can throw the ball rather than drop kick it for his clearances.

We’ll just have to wait until Steve McClaren’s press conference tomorrow, but if Rob starts we hope there are some measures  taken to protect Rob’s thigh during the game.

Maybe he has a strapping on the thigh and our players restrict their passes back to Rob throughout the game.

If we can get Rob through the game he has two weeks to get fully fit before the next game which is a home game against the surging Leicester City.

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