Proof That McClaren Wants To Entertain At Newcastle

There’s a good report in the Chronicle today about Steve McClaren talking regualrly to Development manager Peter Beardsley about various things.

We’re sure some of that is to do with how the youngsters are coming along but also about how Newcastle used to play under Kevin Keegan when we were known as the entertainers.

steve mcclaren fab coloccini bournemouth

Steve McClaren with Fab Coloccini after the game Saturday

This is what Steve said in the Chronicle:

“It is about the fans, and everybody wants to win. ” “We speak to Peter Beardsley a lot and they like attacking football here.”

“I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist or that bright to see some of that football is great football. “
“Look at some of the chances. “

“The one against Stoke where Moussa Sissoko nearly scored came from a move started from Rob Elliot all the way through the field to the end, it would have been one hell of a goal. “

“And that’s what I want to see. ” “I’d like to see the ball in the back of the net, of course. ” “But that’s what we want to see to get there.”

“We have tried to give them that with two strikers on and the front four. ” “With the derby when we were down to 10 men we were putting a winger on as full-back. “

“We want to go and win. ” “Against Stoke we could have lost it. ” “But that’s what we want to bring. ”  “Now we just wants results.”

It looks like Steve will go all out to attack at home and hopefully we?l do some of that on the road as well this season but yes – we have to pick up as many wins as we can – and soon too,

Talking about the Entertainers (and as an aside) – I was out yesterday with my wife Madeline in Raleigh buying a new 2016 Honda CRV SUV (white with beige leather interior and technology all over the place) – and the salesman happened to be a Manchester City  fan and watches the Premier League all the time.

When I just happened to mention I supported Newcastle United he said – “they had a great side in the 1990s and were a big club then”.

OK – notice that was in the past tense but I did ask him if he saw the game last year when we took them apart 2-0 at their place but then of course a recent 6-1 defeat was quickly brought up.

I did get in we were winning 1-0 in that game but then quickly realizing I was on a hiding to nothing I asked him some simple question about the Honda – to quickly change the subject.


The point is Newcastle are still remembered around the world for that great Kevin Keegan side – but I also mentioned  yesterday we had a very good side under the great Sir Bobby Robson just over ten years ago.

Let´s hope we see some good attacking football from Newcastle this season and some wins too – and that we can still finish in the top ten – even though we have made a poor start.

Comments welcome.

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