Injuries Cost Newcastle A Massive £25M Last Season

Newcastle were at the top of almost every injury league for last season and there’s news today that injuries cost Newcastle more than any other Premier League club last season – a massive £25.6M.

Mike Ashley – please take note.

The costs of injuries have been worked out from a new formula that has been looked at and accepted by the UEFA Medical Committee.


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And for the 20 Premier League club injuries cost a total of £269M last season with Newcastle top of the league with £25.6M followed by Arsenal with a measly £20.2M.

Here’s the list with the months really the number of man-months a player was out injured last season.

Injured            Months     Cost £M
Newcastle            62         25.6
Arsenal              49         20.2
Everton              47         19.4
Man United           45         18.6
QPR                  43         17.7
Aston Villa          38         15.7
Hull City            37         15.7
Stoke City           37         15.3
Liverpool            31         15.3
West Ham             29         12.8
Burnley              29         11.9
Sunderland           26         11.9
Crystal Palace       29         11.9
Southampton          22         10.7
Swansea City         21          9.1
West Brom            21          9.1
Man City             21          8.7
Leicester            18          7.4
Tottenham            16          6.6
Chelsea              14          5.8
Total               653        269.0

On average Premier League clubs lost £13.5M to injuries last season with the Premier League Champions Chelsea being at the bottom of the table with only £5.8M in injury costs.

The full price paid by clubs for an injury every month is detailed  in the new formula worked out by Sergei Palkin, who is the CEO of Shakhtar Donetsk.

The total costs include wages, costs of treatment, insurance premiums and of course the estimated money lost by fielding weakened teams over the season in various competitions.

£25.6M is an awful lot of money to lose every season and we assume Mike Ashley or Lee Charnley at the head of the club will step in and initiate a full investigation on why Newcastle are always top of the league with injuries.

However, Paul Simpson last week said the coaching staff were starting to look into that.

It’s worth it for Newcastle to employ (extra) fitness coaches and medics to cut down on the number of injuries every season.

They will have earned their money if they can reduce the costs by say 50% – which in our case is a massive £12.8M.

There’s a top new signing for us right there.

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