More French Tributes Planned For This Weekend

For all the Premier League games this weekend there will be one minute’s silence in honor of those killed during the terrible ISIS terror attacks of last Friday when 129 people were killed.

The Premier League is also considering more tributes and what may happen is the La Marseillaise – the French National Anthem – may be also be played before each of the games.

wembley stadium on Wedbnesday in french colors

Wembley Stadium in French colors on Wednesday night

The La Marseillaise was played before the England vs France game at Wembley on Tuesday night and that was reported around the world as a sign of solidarity – and the French papers were all praise for the English yesterday.

The plan was discussed yesterday when club officials met – but there has been no decision taken yet – but we think it would be good to do that.

Clubs like Newcastle who have a number of French players in their squad were said to be keen on the idea.

As would be expected Premier League officials are also discussing new security measures given the threats made by ISIS that other terror attacks are planned.

Arsene Wenger was at Wembley on Wednesday night and he was seen singing the La Marseillaise – and the iconic Arsenal manager is keen on the idea:

“I think it’s a nice gesture of solidarity. It’s not an obvious one for the fans, just like it would not be an obvious one for fans in France to sing God Save the Queen, because they don’t know the words.”

“Symbolically it’s a very nice gesture.”

The words – at least how they sound – were put out by a number of English papers and outlets on Wednesday so the fans at Wembley could sing the La Marseillaise-  and that could be done for the weekend games.

We’d like to see this go ahead.

Update: Premier League officials announced after this article was published that all top tier teams will play the French anthem as an act of remembrance and solidarity for France.

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