Newcastle At A Tipping Point But Good Things Happening

Newcastle have not made a good start to the season even though we spent some big money in the summer transfer window, but hopefully things are starting to get better and in our last four games we have gained 7 of the ten points we have after 12 games played in the Premier League.

We seem to be at a tipping point at the moment and if we can keep winning games we should be able to pull away from being 4th bottom of the league, otherwise we could be in for another fight against relegation – and that wouldn´t be good.

That´s not part of the plan for this season.

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Steve McClaren – we´re turning things around

This is what Steve McClaren has said about Newcastle’s current predicament:

“We feel like we’re turning a big ship, really, in terms of we’re trying to turn things around – and it’s slow.”

“It’s slow, but you can see it. I can see it; I see it every day.” “They’re a good bunch of players, they’ve got good talent, and they work hard.”

“We’re turning it around. I’m seeing good things. It’s a big job.

“It’s going to take a while to turn it around – some people say a ‘transition’ and all this and all that – but I think the first 90 days are key.”

“We’ve been trying a lot of things in those first 90 days, and I think, in the last four or five weeks, we’ve settled.”

“The international windows have been good for us,” “We’ve looked, reviewed, settled.”

“After the last one we looked and said ‘right, Chelsea and Man City … we looked at the team for those two games and we’ve seen enough’.”

“We’ve stuck with that since and we’ve settled down. Before people didn’t know the pecking order, but now they roughly know, and we all roughly know, what the team’s going to be bar one or two.”

Steve´s naturally trying to out a good spin on things and we really do hope things will get better soon.

We have a tough game on Saturday against Leicester City and if we lose that to a side who are currently 3rd top of the league we may sink back into the bottom three again and that wouldn´t be good.

On the other hand, a win could see us climb the league table.

We´re at a tipping point and the seven games we have before the end of this year will be absolutely crucial.

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