Newcastle Paying The Price For Lack Of Ambition – Mediocrity

Sunderland got only their second win of the season last night at Crystal Palace and it was a good 3 points for the Black Cats, as Sam Allardyce tries to save them.

Sunderland haven´t got the players Newcastle have,  but Sam has vast experience and can get the very best out of what he´s got available until the January transfer window opens up.


Lee Charnley – willing to settle for mediocrity

Newcastle are at Crystal Palace on Saturday and we hope our team turns up – which seems to be the first question that gets asked these days.

We do have some difficult games coming up against Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal in the next seven games through he new year – and it´s going to be difficult to pull away from the relegation zone.

That´s especially true if the players turn in performances like last Saturday´s which was simply a disgrace for a Newcastle United side

It´s not only the players who should be slammed for that performance but the coaching staff too – since they are responsible for preparing the side and motivating the players.

We´re sure that Newcastle will try to bring in more players in January, but if we are in the bottom three in the league by that time it could prove difficult.

As we saw with teams like QPR last year not many good players want to join a team that could be relegated  in four months – and be playing in England´s second division next season.

But Newcastle have only themselves to blame for where we are.

After the John Carver mess last season we had every opportunity to bring in a top manager in the summer and to get back on track after a terrible appointment of an interim head coach.

But Lee Charnley didn´t aim very high and settled on Steve McClaren who hardly has a great record of management and was only just fired from second division Derby County.

There are not many Premier League clubs these days who would employ a manager who has just been fired from a second division club.

But that´s the level of ambition at Newcastle these days and when you don´t aim very high you are always going to be in big trouble and end up struggling.

The  former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly said this about ambition:

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”

How high did Newcastle aim during the summer to get in a top manager?

And that´s one of the reasons we are 4th bottom of the league right now and continuing to struggle and maybe even sinking further if our players don’t wake up soon.

Managing Director Lee Charnley seemed more motivated to get somebody in who was willing to work within Newcastle´s failed system –  than he was in getting in a top head coach who had a history of success and could do things at the club.

Look how Jurgen Klopp has started his career at Liverpool in the short time he´s been there – but we are no longer a club who can attract a top manager like Klopp.

We´re paying the price now for that lack of ambition and know-how – and we don´t seem to have the drive or will to  become a top club again.

That´s the truth.

We still hope we can pull away and have a good season, but it would be no thanks  to those who are leading the club today.

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