It’s Not Good Enough But Fans Still Expect Nothing At Palace

With Newcastle being inconsistent from being good at times – to being pathetic too many times – we’ll have to wait and see what Newcastle team turns up for the game at Selhurst Park on Saturday afternoon when we take on Alan Pardew’s new team, but we are not too confident we can get a win in the game.

In fact in our poll a full 80% think we will lose the game on Saturday and if that happens then things will not be good and that will be the eighth game we have lost in the first fourteen league games played.

Our record of just 10 points in 14 games will remain pathetic.

papiss cisse

Papiss Cisse – empathizes with fans

With the players playing hopeless far too many times this season, we are hearing from a number of them about how they appreciate how the fans feel.

The fans feel terrible and have been let down once again by both those running the club and by the players themselves.

But we’ve heard it all before and words are cheap – and actions speak (a lot) louder than words.

Nevertheless Papiss Cisse has been interviewed today and he said this when asked what Steve McClaren  said in the dressing room after the game:

“I don’t like to say what the manager said in the dressing room.” “That one is for the manager and the players but the one thing I can say is we need to keep our heads up. It is not easy and we need to try to work hard during the week and go and win the next game.”

“It was a bad game. The game was very, very hard and we tried to do some things but Leicester press very, very high and they’re a very good team.”

“They have very good strikers and they scored with just about every attack and they had more opportunities than us.” “That second goal made the game very, very hard because they scored it so early and we tried to score one to try to come back into the game.”

“But after the third, I think at that moment the game was over.” “I understand that frustration because the manager himself too is not happy – neither are the players.”

“During the Leicester game we didn’t play very well and the fans are frustrated; the players understand that because we did not play well.” “It’s the Premier League. It’s very, very hard every Saturday; every game is very difficult.”

“All through the week we try to work hard on the training ground to get a result on a Saturday and win the game but for me, Leicester were the better team.”

Maybe it’s because of the insipid performance from the players last Saturday that has caused fans to lose even more confidence in the side, but four in five think we will lose at Crystal Palace on Saturday.

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Things are not good at the moment.

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4 comments so far

  • andrew84

    Nov 25, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Comment #1

    Repost from previous thread…

    To be honest I disagree with the view that the club ignore fans’ protests.

    If they truly weren’t bothered about it, why would they employ extra security on matchdays to confiscate banners, placards etc, and why have all the previous protests been met with statements from Charnley, players etc asking for us to get behind the team?

    Funnily enough the last couple of ‘major’ protests that I remember seemed to result in good performances from the team the very same day.

    It might be a solution, it might not be, but to say that the club ignore the protests is false in my opinion.

  • Tsunki

    Nov 25, 2015 at 4:47 PM

    Comment #2


    Oh…wait….no,no, that’s still good….

  • banjax

    Nov 25, 2015 at 6:36 PM

    Comment #3

    Expecting nothing under McLaren. Enough said !

  • Mag52

    Nov 25, 2015 at 6:46 PM

    Comment #4

    One point I’ll lob in to the Colback discussion is that, in spite of his limitations, he gives it his all, and that sort of attitude can rub off on those around him.
    The lacklustre recent displays are truly dire, and suggest that the team is resigned to losing.
    They’re going to have to buck their ideas up against Palace at the weekend to get any sort of result, and, without any leaders on the pitch, it’s going to be up to Macca to do the inspiring.


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