Report Of Clashes And Problems On The Training Pitch

Former Journal correspondent Luke Edwards is reporting an exclusive in the Telegraph tonight saying there have been heated arguments between head coach Steve McClaren and some of his senior players and the former England manager is reported to be incensed with the way the team basically gave up in the second half against Leicester City on Saturday.

After the game, McClaren is said to have given his players a right rollicking and we hope that´s true because they deserved it – they were simply a disgrace to the Newcastle United Football Club.

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Steve McClaren – telling the players he will choke them on Monday?

This is the third day the players have been training this week and the reports are there have been arguments between McClaren and a number of the senior big-name players and it´s to do with their attitudes and lack of leadership.

Apparently when the squad resumed training on Monday Steve McClaren and his coaching staff were less than impressed with the effort put out by some of the players and the staff let them know it simply wasn’t good enough.

One of those players is identified as Moussa Sissoko but the report is that there are too many of the stars at the club who simply don´t seem to care when things go wrong.

That´s another way of saying they have no leadership abilities and they are not being responsible.

The fans have noticed for a while that we seem to have very few leaders both on and off the pitch over the last couple of years and we have collapsed far too many times this season already.

That included the latest collapse – the last 45 minutes played on Saturday in front of 50,000 fans – who were disgusted with both the attitude and the performance and left after Leicester’s third goal went in.

McClaren has also accused some of our players of not being able to produce the goods when the pressure is on – which let´s face it – is always on at Newcastle United – that´s part of our history and heritage and why players have to be tough cookies to be successful on Tyneside.

We should point out that Luke Edwards  has had some stories published which the club have objected to – and that´s why the Telegraph is one of the papers banned from media facilities at the club

But it´s almost good news that Steve McClaren is upset because this has to be put right quickly – otherwise we could be in a deep hole as far as relegation is concerned at the end of the year.

The very least we expect from our players is 100% effort and a fighting attitude – if they are not going to do that then McClaren should drop them.

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