Newcastle Relegated Unless Players Change This Quickly

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson seems to feel sorry for Newcastle head coach Steve McClaren, and he´s backed Steve who has reportedly let the players have it in training about their attitude in games like last Saturday and even in their attitudes on the training field.

The thing that worries and puzzles us is that before we sign any player we are supposed to go into significant detail about their personality, attitude and temperament.

steve mcclaren on trianing filed

Steve McClaren on the training field

So a good question is how come we have so many players in the side who don´t seem to care – especially when things go wrong during a game.

When that happens, as we saw in the second half on Saturday, a number of our players do a disappearing act – and that is simply a lack of leadership.

Newcastle fans are simply furious at some of the wimps who are pulling on the black and white shirt these days – and maybe if we criticize them enough and embarrass them enough – they may even start to turn up for the games in the Premier league.

Maybe they will even start to earn their high wages – but I´m getting carried away again.

If they continue to give up in games we will end up in the Championship next season.

Here´s what Paul McClaren has said in supporting Steve McClaren:

“Steve McClaren is right. I watched the game on Soccer Saturday and they were atrocious.” “They made Leicester look like Real Madrid or Barcelona. It was embarrassing.”

“There is a way of losing football matches. Everybody loses games. It was horrible the way they lost and their attitude.”  “They aren’t running around on a Saturday.”

“Until they pull their finger out, they are going to be relegated.”

“You look at Sunderland winning at Palace. They have Cattermole, Fletcher and Defoe, they have good players.”  “You look at Newcastle and think: ‘What they got?’ I feel sorry for Steve. These fans are passionate.”

“Anybody who has played football would want to play for Newcastle, unless you are a Sunderland fan. I would have loved to play at Newcastle with these fans.”

“They are so passionate. If the players can’t run around for those fans it is an absolute joke.”

The players have to take responsibility for some of our terrible performances this season, but it´s also the job of Steve McClaren and the coaches to get the best out of them.

So just as we criticized John Carver and Steve Stone for the poor performances last season it´s up to the current coaching team to get the players to play for them – that´s what coaching is all about.

We don´t think we can get a win on Saturday at Crystal Palace like Sunderland did last Monday night, but after last Saturday´s pitiful and insipid performance we´ll be happy enough with a draw and a fighting performance.

To lose another game would not be good.

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