Future Newcastle Captain Talks A Lot Of Sense

Georginio Wijnaldum will in all likelihood be the Newcastle captain starting next season and even before that if things don´t improve significantly on the field before say the end of January.

If that happens we are going to be in real danger of relegation so we hope we can put some wins together in the next couple of months – but there´s a lot of hope in that statement.

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Gini Wijnaldum has played well this season

Gini has shown himself not only to be one of Newcastle´s best players this season, but he is also down to earth and already has the experience of having captained PSV to last season´s Dutch Championship when he was also voted the Dutch player of the Season.

This is what Gini has said in the Mirror today:

“I was captain of the team who were champions last season. They don’t buy me as a player to learn here, but one to perform.”

“We must try to get the team together. No one player can do that. You need a few players to hold the team together and make sure it is a team.”

“You have a manager and he can’t do it on his own. You need five or six players to keep a team together.”

“One game ago we beat Bournemouth. We didn’t play a good game but the spirit was good.”

“People will say there is no spirit if results are bad. We have spirit in the team. But we must show it every time, not three times yes, one time no. We have to have faith in each other to have a good spirit.”

“Whistles from the crowd don’t help, but I understand what the fans are feeling. We have to show them we really want to win.”

Newcastle can make up for last week´s disgrace at Leicester by winning the game today at Selhurst Park.

We really hope they can do that.

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