Newcastle Train Next Seven Days – Can That Make The Difference?

We were not happy with the appointment of Steve McClaren as the Newcastle  manager just weeks after he had been fired by Championship club Derby County.

But hey, we were very willing to give him a chance and we want Newcastle to be successful again whoever the manager is.

But we have to sayt that in the last two games Newcastle have looked simply atrocious and Steve McClaren and his coaching staff have to take responsibility for some of that.

The players also have to take responsibility because most of them have been simply hopeless.

stsve mcclaren cp

Steve McClaren today

But we are starting to hear the same old things from McClaren and it’s starting to look like the job may just be too big for him.

Here’s what Steve said after the game when he was asked if the Sunday training he has ordered for tomorrow was planned before the game:

“We hadn’t planned it, we’re doing it specially,” “It’s not right. The fans travel a long way and we need to sort it out. You can only do that on the training field and within the group. We’ve got to come through together.”

“This is what we have and we’ll all stick together.” “I’m hugely disappointed, very hurt. That’s not our standard, not what I want to see from any of my football teams. Newcastle don’t expect that and the players know that as well.”

“The only way to do it is to get back to work tomorrow and make sure we prepare for Liverpool, do the right things and get stronger, more determined, get some character through adversity.”

“It’s football, it’s the Premier League, and there is no patience possible. The key people who have to be patient are the people like us who are working with the players.”

“We’ve got to know where we’re going, and to know that it’s not a magic wand to instantly change this group of players. This is not good enough, we know it, and we’ve got to go back and solve it.”

Newcastle will have a full week to prepare for the Liverpool game, but we wonder if it will make any difference.

We expect to be beaten by Liverpool and we expect to be beaten by Tottenham in the next two games, mainly  because they are both better teams than Crystal Palace are.

And Palace tore our defense apart in south London by a score of 5-1 today.

We hope Steve McClaren can turn it around, but we could also be rock bottom of the league table after we have played Arsenal on January 2nd.

This is the set of games we have coming up.

Sun 06	16:00	H	Liverpool	 		
Sun 13	16:00	A	Tottenham	 			
Sat 19	17:30	H	Aston Villa	 			
Sat 26	17:30	H	Everton	 		
Mon 28	15:00	A	WBA	 		
Sat 02	15:00	A	Arsenal	 

Our low position in the league table in January will also make it extremely difficult to attract good players to the club in January.

Newcastle are at a really low ebb right now after the last two performances – both of which have been a disgrace.

The Newcastle United Football Club has simply disintegrated this year.

It’s all so sad.

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