McClaren Admits – This Job Is Getting Tougher By The Week

After the capitulation by Newcastle for the second game in a row – this time against Alan Pardew´s Crystal Palace in south London – it was always going to be difficult for Steve McClaren in his interviews after the game.

And it´s also not surprising that his face looked completely stressed out as his players again let him down and let Newcastle United down with another inept and gutless performance.

Steve and his players will be in training today and it’s more like a punishment for the players as Steve tries to find a way of wakening them all up and getting them to do something near to what their jobs are on the pitch.

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Steve McClaren – his body language tells it all

His job will depend on him being successful in doing that.

This is what Steve said in one of his interviews after the game – and he was obviously hurting:

“It’s not about ability, not about tactics or systems,” “It’s about doing your job, doing the basics. When we go behind or have disappointments in games we’re not refocusing on our jobs.”

“That’s about mentality and it’s just one of the things we have to work on with this group – we knew that when we came here.”

“I said to the players ‘back to work tomorrow morning. These players have got to come through this, but there’s no one more determined than myself to do that, starting tomorrow morning.”

“We hadn’t planned the extra session.” “I’m hurting, not as much for ourselves as for the fans,”

“We knew this was a tough job but it’s getting tougher by the week. 13 games gone, 25 to go and we know we’re in a relegation battle.”

It’s actually 14 games gone and 24 left to play.

It was a huge win for Alan Pardew and Crystal Palace as they are yet another team who have left Newcastle behind in their midst this year.

At least Pardew didn’t rub it in after the game – he was just pleased with what was a good performance from his side.

But he shouldn’t get too carried away either – he wasn’t playing much.

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