Shearer´s Damning Verdict Of Newcastle At All Levels

It´s not too surprising that Alan Shearer was asked on Match of the Day last night to sum up what he thinks is wrong with Newcastle, but he gave it a try.

In fact,  Alan did a good job and pointed at problems at various levels of the club.

It´s with the players first of all because once again they didn´t turn up for the game yesterday.

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Alan Shearer – problems at various levels of the club

Let´s be more specific – they turned up for the first 10 minutes –  we know that because that´s something Steve McClaren made a point of in his interviews after the game.

We went ahead 1-0 after 10 minutes through a good goal from Papiss Cisse – the all-important first goal – but we still collapsed and were 2-1 down seven minutes later.

But Alan also blamed the manager Steve McClaren for not having a match plan of how to handle either Crystal Palace yesterday, Leicester City the week before or Bournemouth when we somehow came away with all 3 points after being pounded all game.

And the Newcastle icon also mentioned the recruitment team who have got away for too long with getting players in who are simply not good enough.

This is what Alan said on BBC last night:

“It’s very difficult to sum up Newcastle’s plight in 30 seconds but I’m going to try.”

“You cannot coach players who do not want to be coached, who are not good enough. They have got too many Monday-to-Friday players: good in training, don’t want to perform on a Saturday.”

“From a manager’s point of view, I don’t see a plan.” “I didn’t see a plan three weeks ago at Bournemouth. I didn’t see a plan last week against Leicester.”

“I certainly did not see a plan today to stop the opposition.”

“Recruitment: the guys in charge of recruiting players have got away with it for such a long time now at Newcastle because the players they have signed are just not good enough. Simple.”

“Apart from that, it’s great. Move on.”

The players are in today for extra training but since the next game is a week today at home to Liverpool that´s simply window dressing by Steve McClaren.

The lads trained for five days last week and we saw no difference yesterday in the way they played the week before at Leicester.

They were hopeless in both games and the defense conceded eight goals in those two games and it could have been a lot more.

And if you listen to any of Steve´s interviews after the game they seemed to be for the consumption of people like Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley – his bosses.

But Steve´s got big problems at the moment and so do Newcastle and it seems we have simply followed on from last season´s disaster with John Carver.

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