Newcastle Paid Out 7th Most To Agents This Summer

We’re starting to understand why Lee Charnley came out and said that Newcastle paid out £52.6M in transfer fees in the summer, because it turns out almost£6M of that was to agents and what they call intermediaries.

In other words people who have to be paid to get the player on Tyneside.

The amount was just under £6M (£5,946,031) and that corresponds with £3,876,250 in the previous year which is measured in the timeframe from 1st October through September 30th so includes both transfer windows – but of course we didn’t buy anybody in January.

PL clubs paid out just short of £130M in total fees to intermediaries – some people are getting very rich in this game.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – Managing Director – did the deals

This is the statement just issued by Newcastle:

In line with FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries, Clubs are required to publish all Intermediary fees paid during the period 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015.
Newcastle United hereby confirm the following information:

Payments to Intermediaries – 2014/15
Total amount paid to intermediaries in the period 1st October, 2014 to 30th September, 2015: £5,946,031.31.

Explanatory Note:
The amount shown is the aggregate of all payments made to intermediaries during the reporting period for agency activity, including payments made by the club on behalf of players.

Here’s what was paid out buy each the Premier League clubs in £.

AFC Bournemouth  2,328,862
Arsenal	        11,928,584
Aston Villa	 4,986,058
Chelsea	         11,961,206
Crystal Palace	 4,719,931
Everton	         4,479,432
Leicester City	 4,057,727
Liverpool	14,301,464
Man City	12,429,380
Man United	13,881,814
Newcastle 	 5,946,031
Norwich City	 2,484,285
Southampton	 5,391,172
Stoke City	 5,308,545
Sunderland	 3,404,540
Swansea City	 4,250,030
Tottenham        5,987,052
Watford	         1,620,229
West Brom        3,342,217
West Ham     	 7,049,001

Total	       129,857,560

Six Premier league clubs paid more out than Newcastle and they were Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, in that order.

And Tottenham only was more by a mere £4100 – and those six clubs that spent more are the top six clubs in the Premier League year in year out.

Joint top of the league at the moment – Leicester City – paid out just over£4M – and what a story they’ve been this year – bottom of the league with 19 points from 29 games with just nine games to play in early April – they got seven wins and a draw to survive relegation.

And now they top of the league – simply incredible – but great for the English game- and we wont even mention their record breaking striker Jamie Vardy who has scored in 11 successive Premier League games.

This is fairy tale stuff.


It’s a pity we cannot match the clubs above us in fees to agents – on the playing field – there was a time just eleven years ago when we could.

And to get players into the club in January we will have to pay through the nose (so to speak) to get them in – but it’s a choice of that or being relegated.

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