No Panic At Newcastle But 2015 Record Means A Huge Crisis

Newcastle are in a  crisis again and it´s hard to deny that after two of the worst performance we have seen from  a Newcastle side and they were in consecutive games.

One of the things that is just unforgivable at Newcastle is is when players give up the fight and too many Newcastle players have given up in the last two games and any neutral observer watching Newcastle would think we were favorites of all 20 PL clubs for relegation.

That´s how bad we have looked – and the players have looked hopeless in those game with the defense sometimes looking comical.

Mike Ashley Sky Sports West Ham Match May 2015

Mike Ashley in May – we want to win something

There shouldn´t be any panic at Newcastle but there should be great concern, but it will by owner Mike Ashley who decides that to do.

The blame game has already started and this calendar year will probably turn out to be the worst in the history of the club.

In 33 league games played this year – yes it´s since Alan Pardew left – we have 23 points and a goal difference of -33.

🙁 🙁 🙁

Here´s the records of the two managers in charge.

Head CoachPlayedWonDrawnLostGFGAGDPoints

That record would be 26 points over a 38 game season – and in our relegation season seven years ago we managed 34 points.

The problem is the people who have got us into this mess – from the owner on down are the people responsible for this and still in place – so it could be difficult to get out of the mess we are in.

When you are in a mess in business sometimes it´s best to bring new people in to solve it – and not leave the people in who have created the mess in the first place.

That´s going to be almost impossible to do at Newcastle unless there is a change in owner – and that´s not going to happen anytime soon.

We are already hearing the Board will stick by Steve McClaren, but that´s only to protect themselves since Lee Charnley brought in Steve McClaren and Graham Carr brought in the players.

So any neutral outside observer looking in wouldn´t be too surprised at that message coming out of the club.

If we know Mike Ashley the only thing he´s really interested in at Newcastle is to keep us in the Premier League so we can keep getting the big money.

That´s why if things don´t improve quickly we will see a new manager in – and we should have an overhaul at Newcastle because things they have been doing over the years just don´t work.

It´s all taken Newcastle several rungs down the ladder in the world of football and we have been a bottom 10 Premier League club under Ashley – since we´ve only made the top ten twice in eight years.

Unfortunately, that´s not likely to improve much because the way the club is being run simply doesn´t work.

What more evidence do the Newcastle Board and Mike Ashley need to prove that?

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