Newcastle´s Response To Current Crisis Is Comical

One of Newcastle’s preferred media outlets is Sky Sports so when they report on something at Newcastle we assume it´s fairly accurate – although that´s still an assumption.

With the way things are at the moment – Newcastle are in  another crisis and second bottom of the league table after 14 games.

We certainly didn´t expect Newcastle to take any decisive action – simply because they haven´t done that for years.


Lee Charnley – Newcastle´s top executive

But what Sky Sports put out yesterday seemed to be an odd statement at best:

Sky Sports News HQ understands Steve McClaren’s position as Newcastle manager is not under threat despite the recent run of poor results.

However, the club is prepared to review the situation if relegation from the Premier League becomes a realistic proposition further down the line.

Notice that Newcastle haven´t issued any statement themselves about the dire situation after spending over £52M in the summer transfer window.

It´s typical Lee Charnley stuff – careful wording with the emphasis on careful – but it’s still odd – since we slipped back into a relegation place after the latest thrashing – this time 5-1 at Crystal Palace.

Sunderland and Bournemouth are now above us in the table and we are second bottom  – but don´t worry too much – because if relegation becomes a realistic proposition they will review things.

They mightn´t do anything about it, but they will have a review.

And maybe relegation is not yet a realistic proposition?

Charnley and company finally reviewed things in early May after John Carver had lost eight games in a row and we had been hammered 3-0 at Leicester City – and they tried to bring in Steve McClaren and we were nearly relegated because of that indecision.

How many other Premier League clubs would have kept their manager after losing eight games in a row?

And former striker Mick Quinn  didn´t think much of that news yesterday either.

Newcastle are not a knee-jerk reaction club – they are the opposite – they do nothing – however bad things get.

Breaking News ! Mclarens job safe,will be reviewed when relegation is threatening #WTF Are they having a laugh