Former Striker To Mike Ashley – Sell Up Or Do It Properly

Former Newcastle striker Mick Quinn doesn’t exactly hold back when he writes for the Chronicle – and he says what he thinks.

Mick has hit the nail on the head and thinks that if Mike Ashley is not going to sell up (he’s not) then the very least he can do is to bring in a top manager to save us from another desperate fight with relegation and possible (probably?) relegation to the Championship.


Mike Ashley – bring in a top manager

We have started the season the way we finished last season and in our last 25 Premier League games we have only three wins.

🙁 🙁 🙁

To be truthful, we haven’t seen that much improvement with Newcastle being so inconsistent it’s ridiculous and our defense has looked as bad as it’s looked all year.

John Carver won three games in 19 league games for a win rate of 15.8% and so far Steve McClaren has won two games in 14 for a win rate of 14.3%.

In the last two games we have conceded eight goals and the only reason it wasn’t more was that the opposition missed a number of other chances to score.

Yes – it’s that bad.

This is what Mick Quinn has said:

“Something has to give.” “I would never advocate relegation but I don’t know whether getting relegated would see Ashley sell up.”

“I don’t want to talk like that because if you go down this year you might never come back.”

“They’re heading that way unless they discover some fight. I just wish he would either sell up or do it properly.”

“And by doing it properly I mean getting a manager with a big reputation who is given some power to do it their way.”

“Everything about the club’s approach needs to change.”

So far this season is becoming as big a disaster as last season – and that was a complete nightmare for Newcastle fans.

And we haven’t heard a single word from upper management at the club after Saturday’s second disaster in a row – not a thing.

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