It´s Time We Heard From Newcastle´s Top Leadership

When in any business a company is in crisis then it’s up to the executives at the top of the business to get involved with whatever the problems are and show some leadership.

Basically,  that´s why they get the big bucks because when you are at the top you are basically responsible for it all.

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Fans need to hear from one of these or both of them

But in this crisis currently at Newcastle – or last season when we had lost eight games in a row did we hear for example from Lee Charnley.

Not a squeak.

Maybe Lee was just hoping things would right themselves and we´d be OK – but it was through nothing he did that we survived – he did nothing – absolutely nothing at all.

We are lacking leadership on the field and at all levels of the club and we need to hear from somebody up there – like Lee Charnley – the top executive who runs the club on a day-to-day basis for owner Mike Ashley.

That´s his job and the sooner he does something and communicates  and ends the silence at the club – the better it will be.

It´s no good just hiding out when things are going pear-shaped – that´s when top execs need to get involved and it starts by communicating.

Here´s what pundit Charlie Nicholas – the former Celtic and Arsenal striker – told Sky Sports – he was initially  asked if he thought manager Steve McClaren could survive:

“I don’t think he can,”  “I don’t think Steve McClaren can do any more than what he tried this week.”

“He tried to get physical and aggressive with them, he gets a quick response because they go 1-0 up, and then they completely cave in.”

“And I just think that sometimes, the people at the club, that identify as the decision makers, need to put out an issue to try and show some leadership.”

“If you don’t have it on the pitch, and if you can’t rely on your manager to find a solution, somebody at the club has to show leadership.”

Well said Charlie.

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