Steve McClaren Pleads With His Players

Steve McClaren has admitted he’s in a results-driven business and that he needs results to stay manager of Newcastle United and he needs them soon.

We were a little but surprised with his demeanor during his press conference on Thursday for the Liverpool game because he seemed to be saying that if we just keep with what we are doing the results will come and everything will be just fine.

But how long will that take is a very good question.

Two months – three months.

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Steve McClaren – he must get results

It’s unrealistic to think that if Steve loses the next three games he will keep his job but there again Lee Charnley is not known as a decisive executive.

This is what Steve said when asked about his future:

“It’s football, so you never know. You go into every job knowing the impatience of football and you need results. We know what the situation is and it’s game to game and we’re fighting for the next result.”

“I wouldn’t ask for guarantees and I wouldn’t expect to receive that. I think that’s demonstrated by what we do during the week and what we do on a Saturday or Sunday and that’s why it’s important.”

“It was a normal, routine weekly meeting with Lee Charnley –  that we have to catch up. It was a chat.”

“That’s what we’ve said to the players, ‘please don’t give up, don’t give up on each other, don’t give up on yourselves’. That’s the most important thing.”

“I’ve got confidence in these players because three weeks ago I was happy, we’d had a good two weeks going into the international break thinking that we’d turned the corner a little bit and looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

“Two games later, we are where we are. That’s the frustration about the job.”

“I’m still here. I’m here, doing a job and that’s it. We’ve got a game on Sunday and I’m not thinking ‘phew, I need this or I need that’, I know what the process is and I know what the job is. We know what needs doing.”

“Will we be given time? We need to get results to keep that going, we know that, but like everything, we do the right things every day, we do the work and we try and give the players the confidence they need on a Saturday, Sunday, whenever to win games.”

If Steve does get fired it will very likely come from Mike Ashley and not from the man who hired McClaren  – Lee Charnley.

But if he is fired we cannot have the indecisiveness and hesitancy we had earlier in the year when  Charnley was trying to decide who should be hired to replace Alan Pardew.

Lee never really made a decision and John Carver got the interim job almost by default.

And that almost cost Newcastle our Premier League status.

The same hesitancy and indecision this time around could see us definitely relegated next May.

Lee Charnley – perhaps with a push from Mike Ashley have to show more executive leadership – of only for the good of the club and to keep us in the Premier League.

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