Worst Year In Newcastle’s History But No Knee-Jerk Reaction

The press conference yesterday was very worrying as Steve McClaren’s mood and demeanour seemed to be somewhat at odds with the situation Newcastle are in.

We didn’t expect Steve to be panicking or anything like that – that never helps anything – but the way he took the question was as if everything would be OK once the players got their confidence back.

Once we get a good win everything will be OK because the confidence will be back with our players – who are very good by the  way – and all will be well.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – indecisive top executive at Newcastle

And yes he knew it would be hard and he knew it would take time to turn Newcastle around and yes – it is taking time – but he expected that.

And then he talked about his weekly meeting with Lee Charnley the Newcastle Managing Director who never reacts to anything with a knee jerk reaction – in fact – he never reacts to anything.

Lee has mixed up what quick and decisive action in a  crisis is – with what a knee jerk reaction is – he doesn’t understand the difference.

One action is after a lot of thought (and often time) and one isn’t.

This is what Steve said to emphasize this week has been just another normal week:

“It’s our normal routine we have chats with Lee every week and it’s been a normal week and know what we have to do.”

Here are a few definitions of a knee-jerk reaction:

  • An automatic or reflex reaction, an immediate reaction made without examining causes or facts.
  • An immediate unthinking emotional reaction to an event or statement.
  • Often reacting quickly and without thought

If things are no better after the next two or three games we expect owner Mike Ashley to take some action – but if he leaves the choice of the next manager to Lee Charnley – that would be a huge mistake.

His choice of John Carver followed by Steve McClaren have helped get us into this rather hopeless situation.

This is Newcastle’s league record this year and you can add to that three cup games – one win  and two defeats – so overall we have 6 wins in 36 games and 22 defeats – so far.

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