Pardew Reveals Some Truths About His Time At Newcastle

Alan Pardew has had a fantastic year since leaving Newcastle and it’s turned out to be a great decision he made to leave a big club like Newcastle for a smaller club like Crystal Palace.

He has a lot more control at Palace than he ever had at Newcastle and he;s revealed that he was never fully in control of the playing staff.

It’s good that Alan has been diplomatic in not criticizing the club and let’s face it he’s had every opportunity with how Newcastle have struggled since he left and the way Crystal palace are not challenging for a top six position.

Alan Pardew home to QPR

Alan Pardew – while at Newcastle

When  he joined them they were third bottom of the league table with 16 points from 19 games played.

I could go and list where we were (9th on 26 points) and where both clubs ended up in May but I’m already depressed enough – so I won’t bother.


Alan Pardew was interviewed in the Times by Henry Winter:

“The big jobs never really come my way apart from Newcastle. I gave it the best shift I could under the regime I was under. There is so much emotion around that city and the way the club is run.

“I can’t quite understand the aggression from fans towards me. I just tried to do the best job I could for the Newcastle fans with the playing set I had. I didn’t have complete control over the playing set and that makes it difficult.

“I’m manager. I have to be positive even if some of the players I am thinking ‘he’s probably not the greatest’. That got lost, it was ‘me and Mike  just looking after ourselves’. That was never the case. I don’t carry any bitterness towards anybody. I loved the people I met up here.

“I do have sympathy for McClaren because it is a job where the expectation makes it very difficult. They (fans)   always say they are realistic about their ambitions but actually when we finished fifth, had a fantastic season, I read reports saying, ‘Well we should have got in the Champions League’.

It will be an experience I’d never have swapped, the good and the bad.”

Newcastle fans are always like that – if we won the Premier League some would say we should have won it 20 years ago – but that’s Newcastle fans – that’s just the way it is – most of us are simply daft about Newcastle.


Freddy Shepherd sacked Sir Bobby Robson because we only finished 5th and we didn’t make the Champions League back in 2004.

With the lack of success since Bobby left that seems so very strange these days.

It’s also fair to say that a group of Newcastle supporters simply hated Pardew and it was best for the Londoner that he left the club when he did.

We weren’t too sad to see him leave either, but Lee Charnley and others – by letting him go last January – put the club in real danger and we almost lost our Premier League status because of it.

Maybe the best way to put it with Alan Pardew is that he was as successful at Newcastle as he was allowed to be.

Letting Pardew leave halfway through the season and not effectively replacing him is just another example of how poorly the club is being run right now under owner Mike Ashley.

If we don’t do well in our next two games we could have our fourth manager at the club within twelve months.

What do you think?