Why Was Charnley McClaren Meeting Normal This Week?

Two weeks ago we were returning from the two week International break and we had just luckily won at Bournemouth in the last game and taken 7 points from 4 games so things were starting to look up.

But against Leicester City at home. after we went behind 1-0 just before half time. the second half was a disgrace and too many players in the black and white shirts gave up the ghost – as they have done too many times this season.

Steve McClaren said he laid into the players on the following Monday and it just wasn’t good enough and promised better things at Crystal Palace last Saturday.

Steve McClaren Press Conference B+W Background

Steve McClaren – at his press conference

But after going ahead 1-0 after 10 minutes with a goal from Papiss Cisse we were behind a short seven minutes later and it became another disgraceful performance from the team – and Palace won the game 5-1 and it could have been a lot worse.

We heard from Steve McClaren after the game but then nothing until his Thursday press conference.

During the press conference the obvious theme for this week was the following.

Our players are short of confidence and all we need is another win to get the confidence back and all will be well – and it’s just a short two weeks ago  we were celebrating the win at Bournemouth when everything looked great – things can change very quickly with a win when the confidence of players comes flooding back.

Steve McClaren must have said the word confidence 934 times in his 10-minute press conference – or so it seemed.

McClaren said this when asked if he had talked to the owner about the plight of the team over the last few weeks:

No, no – as we say it was our normal routine, we meet with the players like we do after every game whether we win, lose or draw and we have chats with Charnley every week – it’s been a normal week we know what we have to do – we have to do it on the field.”

There didn’t seem to be any urgency in the way McClaren responded to questions and there was more urgency from the journalists than from Steve.

If you didn’t know where we were in the league you may have thought we were around 6th place in the league given Steve’s odd demeanor.

Yes – we know there has to be no panic – but urgency is not panic  – especially after two of the worst performances from Newcastle for a long time.

And how on earth could it be a normal meeting when we are second bottom, below Sunderland in the league – have a goal difference of -16 the worst in the league and conceded 30 goals – also the worst in the Premier League.

It’s almost as if  Steve McClaren and Lee Charnley are acting too cool.

We don’t want to see any panic – but we do want to see urgency that we can get out of this bad situation.

McClaren has to demand a lot more from the players and he’s been nowhere near to getting the best out of them so far this season.

Another defeat tomorrow against Liverpool and we’ll be in even more trouble.

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