McClaren Hints At Not Being A Good Fit For Newcastle

It was a strange press conference Steve McClaren gave on Thursday for the Liverpool game today, but when you haven’t got many results to show after 14 games it kind of gets difficult.

It was even as if Steve had run out of ideas on what to do to turn the team around.

Steve McClaren Press Conference Newcastle United

Steve McClaren – at his press conference

If you haven’t seen any of the press conference here are bits and pieces and the first thing he talks about is how nobody is happy at Newcastle right now.

And after the press conference he gave an interview where he seems to be suggesting he may not be the right man for the job and in the third paragraph he talked about his fit with Newcastle maybe not being too good:

“There isn’t patience in football anywhere and that’s including this club.”

“We don’t believe in patience. We believe in having a plan, a vision and working towards that. During that, you’ll be up and down, up and down.”

“To be perfectly honest, at the present moment, if it was enough of a fit we would be winning more matches. We know things need to change.”

“All those around can say and do what they want and make decisions. You can’t influence that.” “All I can influence is what I do with the players day in, day out.”

McClaren is just like Alan Pardew and he has only limited control at Newcastle and that doesn’t include choosing the players who will be coming in  during the January transfer window.

As we said it was an odd conference call but anything can happen and we hope the players today will get their fingers out and play somewhere near to their best form.

If they can do that then something is possible today otherwise we may get hammered again – this time by Jurgen Klopp’s new team.

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