Jury Still Out On Newcastle Players

We´d be daft to think that after Newcastle´s sterling display and great 2-0 win over Liverpool on Sunday that everything will now be OK.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer – and there have been too many times this season already where Newcastle have shown great promise in one game and then been abysmal in the next.

So the next game at Tottenham will be important and we don´t want to see Newcastle go down early in the game and then give up – which has happened far too many times this season.

Thierry Henry -signs-for-Sky-Sports

Thierry Henry – what a fantastic player this man was

But hopefully, it should now be easier for Steve McClaren and his coaching staff to show the players they must produce like they did on Sunday in every single game – nothing other than that is acceptable at a proud club like Newcastle United.

Playing like they did on Sunday will also demonstrate to the players that they will get great support from the Newcastle fans and they are heroes after the game.

Nowhere in football are the players appreciated (worshipped?)  like they are at Newcastle when they play with passion, dedication and total commitment like they did on Sunday.

Play like they did in the previous two games and they are villains and take some withering criticism.

Which would they rather have?

That’s just the way it is at Newcastle and pundit and former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has rightly said the Newcastle players are still under the microscope.

Here´s what Henry told Sky Sports on Sunday:

“Steve McClaren said it himself, how many times have we seen it when a big team comes to St James Park and the desire is there, the commitment, everything.”

“Everything was spot on today and you could see it from the start.”

“Can you do the same thing at the Lane? Can you do the same thing against Arsenal? Can you do the same thing away from home?”

“That’s the thing with Newcastle and we talk about the same thing every time and usually it doesn’t happen.”

“Let’s see against Tottenham next week.”

Thierry has it exactly right.

We cannot get carried away with one good performance – but it was great getting at least one top performance in this season – and we really looked a very decent side against Liverpool and our lads outran Liverpool.

That was the first time that has happened since Jurgen Klopp took over Liverpool in early October.

Who would have thought that was possible before the game?

We have to see that same level of commitment in all our games from now on starting at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

The jury is still out on a lot of Newcastle players this season – make no mistake about that.

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