McClaren Explains It All – What Worked Against Liverpool

The performance and result on Sunday is what most Newcastle fans live for – and you get a new perspective when you are away from home base and see all the great things said about the team when we perform like we did on Sunday against Liverpool.

People love the underdog to come through especially given Newcastle´s precarious position in the Premier League for such an iconic club.

Liverpool are a truly great club and with American owners there is a lot of interest in the club over here stateside.

And with the game being the only Premier League game on Sunday it must have had a huge worldwide live audience on TV.

steve mcclaren liverpool 2-0

Steve McClaren and Jurgen Klopp on Sunday

And make no mistake Newcastle on the day looked a good team with their gutsy performance and even Jurgen Klopp was brutally honest after the game saying he thought Newcastle were the better side and deserved to win.

You don’t hear that brutal honesty from too many managers when they lose a game.

We like him even more now.


Can you imagine what Tyneside would be like if this man was managing Newcastle – close your eyes and think about it.

A man as daft on football as Newcastle fans are – what more could you want?

It would be unbelievable – a word I used a lot after Sunday´s completely unexpected great performance.

Steve McClaren has talked about what went right on Sunday:

“It is all right putting a plan into place but it is all about the players’ desire, discipline, concentration and focus to do the work.”

“So there is always a plan. Always when you lose, the plan goes wrong.”

“We talked about the work rate and we pressed from the front, worked as a team and kept compact.”

“When you keep your focus, win your duels, put the work in and compete, then you get results.”

OK – that game on Sunday is starting to fade a bit in the old memory – so now we need another equally committed performance at Spurs on Sunday – starting with a little less nervousness and with more belief when the game kicks off.

If we can do that then who knows we nay get our second win in a row for the first time this year.

Wouldn’t that be something!!!

Howay The Lads!!