McClaren´s Comments Hint At No Change In Transfer Policy

Newcastle head coach Steve McClaren gave his press conference for the game at Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon – which has a 4:00 pm kickoff.

Steve was asked about the January transfer window during the press conference and he was non-committal but more than that he seemed not to have even thought about what players he wanted in during the January transfer window.

Steve said he simply has been concentrating on the games left this year – there are four of them.

steve mcclaren smiling

Steven McClaren – not talked to Board on transfers

He was asked whether he had met with the Board yet on transfers – and remember Steve is one of the four members of the Board along with Lee Charnley, Graham Carr and Bob Moncur.

This is how he answered the question:

“You know what? We haven’t, absolutely not.”

“Things are going on in the background and we have touched upon things, but our sole focus for the last four to six weeks has been about results, one game at a time.”

“We have got four before January, so we are looking forward to those four and getting results and we’ll see where we are then.”

This is very consistent with Steve’s job being only to concentrate on things on the training field and prepare the team for the next game and get the very best out of the players he has made available to him.

That´s very much the continental way of running a football club.

And Graham Carr and Lee Charnley will work on and handle which players will come in next month.

At some point they may even tell Steve which players are coming in – or at least what the targets are.

That’s the way Newcastle carry out their transfer business and it hasn’t worked very well over a number of transfer windows and it’s one of the main reasons Alan Pardew quickly left early this year.

Pardew has since been hugely successful at Crystal Place and not only saved them from relegation last season but now has them in 6th place in the league table 12 places and 10 points above Newcastle.

One good question for Newcastle officials is what kept Alan Pardew from being that successful at Newcastle?

What we don’t need in January are (even) more players who have never played in the Premier League and therefore will take some time to produce in England.

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