Newcastle Linked With Peru International Forward

Newcastle have been linked with 24 year-old Peru International forward Andre Carrillo for over a year now and there were reports last January that he was a target of Newcastle´s – but as we know Lee Charnley didn´t being any players into the squad in January.

Carrillo is at Sporting Lisbon and his contact is due to run out in the summer after four years at the Lisbon club – and therefore we shouldn´t be too surprised if Newcastle are linked with a player who could come fairly cheap in the transfer market.

andre carrillo

Andre Carrillo – Newcastle interested

Carrillo has been suspended by the club since September due to contract difficulties between him and his club and about 10 days ago the Sporting Lisbon President Bruno de Carvalho tried to clarify the situation:

“I still believe that Andre Carrillo will not go to zero cost,” “What I can say to Andre Carrillo is still recovering from injury and is under a disciplinary process.”

“When you have a firm decision, one way or the other, I will tell you. Until then, everything is possible.”

Carrillo was suspended because his club had accused him of unfair play in the process of renewal discussion on his contract – translation – he didn´t want to sign a new contract.

So this season he has played only 7 times with one goal for Sporting, but since joining them from Alianza Lima in the summer of 2011 he´s played 162 times with 16 goals and 39 assists.

Carrillo was born in Lima, Peru and he made his debut for his country back in May of 2011 and has amassed 23 full caps with two goals.

There were rumors over the last few months he would be sold in January and he could be sold to the highest bidder – but with his contract running out in about six months he could also be a bargain buy.

The fact that Newcastle have been interested in the right winger for over  a year now – he could certainly be  target for Newcastle next month – and  especially when he could become  a bargain buy – we all know the club likes bargain buys.

However,  some big clubs like Valencia, Inter Milan, Galatasaray, Benfica and Porto have also been following the circus in Lisbon and all are also interested in signing the player next month.

Carrillo usually plays out on the right wing but he can also play as a second striker.

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