Pundit Explains Why Players Driving McClaren Mad

Mark Lawrenson like most pundits got the score wrong last Sunday when Newcastle surprisingly beat Liverpool 2-0 at home and deserved the win.

Mark predicted a 2-0 win for Liverpool so it was a lower score than other pundits had predicted – and of course in retrospect – they were all wrong – very wrong.

The former Newcastle coach has said some home truths today about the Newcastle players – and that;’s the fact you have no idea which team is going to turn up for any game.

mark lawrenson

Mark Lawrenson – a 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane
We’ll take it

We are hoping the lads put in another great effort on Sunday in North London as they did last Sunday, but since they are not on live TV in England maybe they will choose not to turn up again?

Here’s what the BBC pundit has said today:

“You just don’t know what you are going to get from this Newcastle team and it must drive Magpies boss Steve McClaren mad.”

“It worries me that they can put in a performance like they did to beat Liverpool, straight after being hammered at Crystal Palace.”

“McClaren said his players had “crawled off the field” after last weekend’s game because of the effort they put in.”

“That is great, but it should be the same every game – and who knows whether they will turn up and compete in the same way at White Hart Lane.”

“I do think they are capable of getting something against Tottenham, though.

“Some Spurs fans have been getting a bit excited about their title hopes but they are getting carried away a bit there.

“Mauricio Pochettino’s side have been unbeaten for 14 league games and have had some impressive wins, but they have also drawn a lot of matches.”

Mark predicts a 1-1 draw and that may happen with Spurs having drawn eight of their first fifteen league games and only losing once – in their very first game of the season at Manchester United back on August 8th.

Maybe we can even nick a stoppage time goal to get our first two wins in a row this year?

Hope so.

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    SPRINGY – From last thread. I would disagree that footballers have to do more today, to get into football sides.

    Players like Robbie Fowler, Ian Wright, Les Ferdinand, Andy Cole & more couldn’t get into the England side.

    Fitness levels are perhaps slightly better today over 20 years ago, but the levels of quality within the game have certainly not risen.

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