This Smells Of Real Team Spirit Brewing At Newcastle

Before the terrific win against Liverpool last Sunday the previous two weeks were not good when we went down without a fight to both Leicester City and Crystal Palace and conceded a massive 8 goals in the process.

And last week before the game there were reports of a difference in opinion between two of our coaches – Steve Black and Alessandro Schoenmaker – and we wonder how much truth there were in those reports.

Both coaches were out with the players were warming up at St. James’ Park before the game and we just wondered if that was a made up controversy last week.

papiss csse just missing 2-0

Papiss Cisse – just missing with first half chance last Sunday

It was rather an astonishing game on Sunday because after just about containing Liverpool in that first half,  Newcastle came away in the second half to win the game and we deserved the win.

And Papiss Cisse – who was also (falsely) reported to be a bad egg at Newcastle along with Cheick Tiote – has come out today and talked about having a real belief in his teammates:

“I have confidence in my teammates every game including against Spurs.” “I worked with these people every single day and I know what we can do.”

“The Premier League is not easy. It’s very hard. You have to take it game by game and work hard every Saturday.” “I believe in my team. That’s is his – McClaren’s – team.”

“The manager, the staff and the players are working as a team.” “It’s like a team – everyone is working together to help each other.”

“We were very happy to beat Liverpool. All the players did everything together.” “We were very happy with the three points. It’s hard to get three points in this league.”

“All the players, and the gaffer, spoke together. We needed points.” “Every player had that in their head. We had to win our duels, and we did that.”

“Heads were down after the game we lost against Crystal Palace.” “We had to keep our heads up and to do something and to show something.”

“We have good players, but if you lose every week, your heads go down.” “The gaffer spoke a lot, and the players as well. We spoke face to face. We needed to do something.”

“We worked very hard together and won the game.”

The lads put in their best performance of the season last Sunday and they also worked the hardest they have every worked this season in any game.

There’s a key to how to win games.

Next up is a tough game in north London at Spurs and we want to see the same effort, courage and commitment from the lads.

Who knows – we may get our very first two consecutive wins this year.

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  • Rotonda heights

    Dec 11, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Comment #1


    ”One good question for Newcastle officials is what kept Alan Pardew from being that successful at Newcastle?”

    Answer he was sh–e


    ”What we don’t need in January are (even) more players who have never played in the Premier League and therefore will take some time to produce in England.”

    Answer – funny how all the foreign players at the clubs (ie Mahrez at Leicester) + even the English ones playing abroad like Dier and Dele Alli from the lower leagues seem to have hit the ground running.

    I very much hope we do get a CB like Matip / Westergard (wrong spelling,) that Portugese left back, a creative midfielder like Banega and a quick striker like the guy at Lyon.

    Don’t worry we always have Wilko as a back. He’s a played in the EPL allegedly.

  • Jib

    Dec 11, 2015 at 9:46 AM

    Comment #2

    Riyad Mahrez has been at Leicester nearly 3 years . He scored 3 goals for them in the Championship and only 4 goals in a full season in the EPL last year . This season he has scored 11 goals already so he has harly been an overnight sensation,


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