Geordie Fans More Confident Of Result At Tottenham

Last week 90% of fans thought we would lose at home to Liverpool and only 6% thought we would win the game – which we did 2-0 with a rousing second half display ans two goals.

And for the tough game at Tottenham today as many as 18% think we can win this game and 28% think we can get a draw.

So almost half the fans think we can get something out of this game today.

steve mcclaren paul simpson -300x200

Steve McClaren and Paul Simpson

It’s going to be tough but with other relegation sides like Bournemouth starting to pick up wins against top sides like Chelsea and Manchester United  there is now more pressure on Newcastle players to turn up for this game.

We really need to get something out of it before we meet the bottom club Aston Villa next weekend at home.

Here’s hoping.

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