8-3 And 8-13 Shows Real Newcastle Progress

Newcastle have given two of their best displays of the season and who would have thought we could have come out with 6 points from games at home to Liverpool and away to Tottenham – and when we played those sides they were both on a hot streak.

Tottenham’s defeat on Sunday was their first loss in the league since they lost to Manchester United on the opening day of the season.

But we made another terrible start to the season which was even worse than last year when we had only four draws in the first seven games.

steve mcclaren smiling

Steve McClaren – turning things around

And this year we had only thee draws in our first eight games – which to be fair was a very tough initial schedule – but still not the start we expected.

But since we played Norwich City and had our first win of the season we have collected four wins in a draw in the last eight games.

That’s 13 points from the last eight games and in there was the unlucky Sunderland defeat – when we were again playing with 10 men for more than half of the game – the third time that has happened this season.

So there is definite improvement not just with the points tally but with the way the lads are playing and certainly the last two games we have played 100% all out and the lads have been well rewarded for that spirit, effort and passion.

Now we have what we think could be a very tricky game on Saturday against bottom of the table Aston Villa who have only 6 points from 16 games.

At home to the bottom of the league table should be 3 points – but it’s not a sure bet at Newcastle.

If Steve McClaren and the coaches can prepare the players to play at their very best against Villa and not think it’s an easy game – then come Saturday night we could even have 19 points from 17 games.

That would be the first time this season we have more points than games played.

That’s what we are hoping for – and if that happens we can really say the season is starting to turn around for Newcastle – although nothing is ever certain at Newcastle.

But anyway – here’s hoping.

And we’d really like to see four good players come in next month to make our squad stronger and things may really start to look up on Tyneside.

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