Will Newcastle Finally Change Transfer Policy In January?

It seems that Newcastle’s transfer policy has been flawed under Mike Ashley for a number of years and for a number of reasons.

And it seems that our Chief Scout Graham Carr is the one who selects and scouts players and then chooses which of those  players Newcastle bring in during the transfer windows.

And Carr also has to take direction from Mike Ashley to bring in young players for low fees whose value can increase as they mature and improve on Tyneside.

Then they can be sold for often huge profits.

graham carr

Graham Carr – transfer supremo at Newcastle

And with this policy we never seem to have players ready for the team, because they are often acclimatizing to the Premier League since a vast majority of them are brought in from the continent.

It’s very rare under Mike Ashley that we have brought a player in with good Premier League experience who can fit right into the team and start producing for Newcastle.

And it’s very rare that we sign British players – and the reason for that simply is that they are generally more expensive than those players we can get in from the continent.

The other big problem is that the manager doesn’t seem to have enough say in the selection of who comes in – and it’s interesting that Alan Pardew has done really well this last year at Crystal Palace – and he is fully in control of all transfers at Palace.

We often wonder how he would have done at Newcastle if that had been the case over the last couple of years.

There were rumors that Alan Pardew wanted to sign some older players who already had good experience in the Premier League.

Although we have done well in the last couple of games we still need some players brought in next month who can immediately contribute to the team so we can start climbing up the Premier League.

We want to see Newcastle successful again and we want to see changes made in the way Newcastle bring in players during next month’s transfer window.

We need players who can produce for us immediately next month – so we’ll see if any changes have been made in the transfer policy of Newcastle United.

We hope there is.

Comments welcome.

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