Pardew Opens Up – Fans Banged Me Down – We Didn’t Invest Enough

Alan Pardew has revealed the real reasons he left Newcastle and it was presumably because he thought he just  couldn’t win with a portion of the Newcastle fans – who he said banged him down at Newcastle and banged his spirit down.

We assume he’s talking about the Sack-Pardew crew who still  remain anonymous – and really when they were created their stated purpose was to get him out of the club – and they were successful at doing that.

But since Alan has gone and joined Crystal Palace the London club have thrived under his management and Newcastle have struggled against relegation under both John Carver and Steve McClaren.

alan pardew somber

This photograph of Alan Pardew was taken on December 28th last year
His last game in charge of 

Palace are joint 4th top of the league right now after 17 games – level with Manchester United and Tottenham on 29 points – and we are 4th bottom of the league on 14 points.

And when Alan joined Palace in early January they were 10 points behind Newcastle and they finished 9 points above us.

So it’s been a very difficult, even a nightmare year for Newcastle fans.

This is the Big Interview with Graham Hunter that Pardew has given and he starts to reveal some of the real reasons he abruptly left Newcastle just a little less than a year ago:

“There was no way I could say my spirit was high at Newcastle at the end – it wasn’t.” “The fans had banged me down, banged my spirit down. And a lot of my management is about my spirit and my front foot, let’s come on, we can do it, we can over-achieve – that’s what I’m about.”

“Of course this environment at Palace is perfect for me, I knew it would be perfect for me.” “I tried to put on that pitch at Newcastle an entertaining team. At times, it wasn’t, for sure.” “At times we struggled, we lost players to injury, we didn’t invest enough.”

“For all those reasons we had some sticky periods.”

“But in my last game there I knew there was a possibility this might open up to me at Palace, and Newcastle played Everton and we won, we were ninth in the Premier League.”

“I looked at the Press the next day and the social media – because social media is a massive part of the feeling of the group, it really is, you can’t get away from it I’m afraid. It’s the same here at Palace, social media plays a big part now.”

“So I looked at it after the Everton game and it was like: ‘We’re under-performing.’ “I thought we were over-performing in the end so really I knew it was the best time to give Newcastle a new start and me to move on.”

“Coming to Palace and where we are right now, it’s very attractive to players and easy to sell to them.” “Cabaye was easy; I’m the manager here, I make all the big decisions with the owner, who has tremendous faith, he was with me when we met Yohan.”

“We have a fan base that’s right behind us. And we love them for being noisy.” “Palace has great attributes for a professional football; access to home from London is easy whether you live in Buenos Aires or Windsor.”

Alan did not give the press interview after the 3-2 Everton win last year – John Carver did – and that started off intense rumors about him leaving for the Palace  job, which had just become available after Palace had fired Neil Warnock.

So he was at least thinking of the Palace job before the Everton game on 28th December.

Alan is right – after the Everton win we were in 9th place on 26 points from exactly half a season – the first 19 games – after getting just 4 points out of the first 7 league games – which is when the Sack-Pardew crew was started.

We had got 22 points from the previous 12 games when he left the club.

But John Carver managed only 13 points in the final 19 games and we just scraped through to avoid relegation with 3 points in the final game against West Ham, after losing 8 games in a row for the first time ever in the Premier League.

It was probably a good time for Pardew and Newcastle to go their separate ways, but Newcastle have shown absolutely no ambition in bringing in a top manager with proven credentials of success.

We settled for John Carver initially, but he did so poorly he was fired in June and then Steve McClaren was hired just two weeks after he was fired at Derby County.

It’s been a nightmare year for Newcastle United with just 30 points in 36 league games – on the other hand Crystal Palace have taken 61 points from the same number of games.

Even Crystal Place now seem to have more ambition than we have.

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