Why Former Newcastle Player Would Be A Very Poor Acquisition

Andy Carroll cost West Ham £16.5M when they signed him in the summer of 2013 after spending the previous season on loan there.

And he is said to be on wages of around £90K/week at least (around £4.7M a year) at the east London club, but with Andy’s very poor injury record the Hammers have not seen much of a return for their money since 2013.

So it’s not surprising that West Ham would like to sell Andy and get out of that very expensive six year contract which still has three and half years to run.

Andy Carroll Newcastle -career

Andy Carroll while at Newcastle – his home town club

And Andy is injured again – this time with a groin injury.

This is his fourth season at the Hammers (the first season was on loan from Liverpool) and he has played only 64 times for them with 15 goals and that’s not a good return for paying out so much money.

In the time since he signed permanently in the summer of 2013 he has played 40 times with 8 goals and along with the transfer fee West Ham have paid out just over £28M in total – with the £16.5M transfer fee and around two and a half years at £4.7M a year.

That’s about £3.5M per goal, so it’s a bad deal for West Ham and it’s not surprising they would like to sell Carroll, who we sold to Liverpool for a massive £35M almost five years ago.

The Times is reporting West Ham want to sell their striker for a massive £18M – and there’s no chance a sane club would pay that amount for Andy.

The other barrier to signing Andy is he has every legal right to stay at West Ham through the summer of 2019 and see out his contract there.

And therefore if he did leave the Hammers he would want  a similar wage he’s getting now – and with his injury record no sane club would pay that.

And when West Ham signed Carroll on that huge fee and sky-high wages for a full six years – we said at the time it was a very poor financial deal for them and they could hardly afford it.

Those are some of the reasons Andy Carroll would be a very poor buy for Newcastle – or any other club for that matter – as enticing as it may be to bring home the local lad.

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