A Christmas Message – The Spirit Of The Group Is Fantastic

When you are the number one man (or woman) in any company or group you naturally come in for an awful lot of criticism – that´s just how things seem to work.

So it´s not really surprising that our captain Fabricio Coloccini has come in for some stinging criticism this season from both the fans and the pundits, for some of his performances and also some of the team´s performances.

At times it just hasn´t been good enough, but on the positive side of things there are signs our lads are getting their act together and Fabricio is also turning in more consistent performances for the team of late.

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Fabricio Coloccini – looks happy to have scored!!!

Steve McClaren has asked the Argentine to be more forthcoming with interviews and with his general communication with the fans – and we´ve heard more from Colo this season than most.

This is what Fabricio has said in the Chronicle today:

“Everton have a great manager in Roberto Martinez. They play great football too.” “But they do concede goals as well so we have to play our game. We know if we are strong at the back, we will get chances.”

“The fans have been fantastic and have supported us no matter what.” “It hasn’t mattered where we were in the Premier League table or what bad moments we have suffered, they’ve been there.”

“They’ve stuck with us. So when we climb the table, it’s for them.” “I want to let them know our aim is to finish in the top 10 and we are going to try to do it for the fans.”

“Yeah of course the group is together.” “It’s always difficult when you have bad moments.” “But this group are still together.”

“We played really well earlier in the season and didn’t get results.” “Now we have had some games where maybe we didn’t play well but won or drew.”

“The most important thing is to be together because results will come.” “In the last couple of weeks we went out for dinner as a club.” “We still try to do things.”

“With it being Christmas there is a lot going on and a lot of games so we will be together anyway.” “The spirit of the group is fantastic.”

“Everybody just wants to be positive and do their best for the club.”

Colo seems to have withstood the pressure on him very well so far this season and when he scored a rare goal for us against Aston Villa – you could see how much it meant to him.

We´ve also been very impressed with the Newcastle fans this year and this season in particular – and it seems they are trying to keep behind the team whatever happens – through thick and (mostly) thin – and that´s just great to see.

All we need now is a vast improvement next year from our record of this year – and we all know this year has been one of the worst in Newcastle´s history.

The only way now is up.

upward arrow

And a win tomorrow at home against Everton would be just great!

Howay The Lads!!