Shearer – Newcastle In Trouble And Third Bottom For A Reason

Like any good football pundit Alan Shearer tends to tell it like it is,  and when talking about Newcastle United on Monday night’s Match of the Day he didn’t pull his punches about his home town club.

Newcastle didn’t play particularly well and we lost to West Brom who won their first game in six games and so are now 6 points above Newcastle.

Alan has said Newcastle are third bottom of the league for a reason – and we are not playing well whatever Steve McClaren keeps saying at the end of the recent games.

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Alan Shearer – Newcastle 3rd bottom for a reason

Here’s some of what Alan said on Match of The Day when talking about Jonny Evans having blatantly brought down Mitrovic in the penalty area in the second half but no penalty was awarded:

“It was a definite penalty, Jonny Evans on Mitrovic, he is holding him and he pulls him back. A clear penalty, I don’t think there is any doubt about that.

“Newcastle haven’t had a penalty for over a year now, Boxing Day I think.”

“What Steve McClaren says about Newcastle…he can’t keep on saying that they are playing well – they’re not playing particularly well. They are third bottom for a reason.”

“Things have to improve, they spent a lot of money and they are in trouble – a relegation fight.”

Steve McClaren is obviously trying to put the (poor) results in the best light possible by intimating Newcastle are simply unlucky and things will get better soon.

We should have had a penalty and we missed chances and all that good stuff.

But those are simply the reasons being talked about – because we don’t have the results.

You either talk about the results – or the reasons you don’t have the results – it’s really that simple.

When you keep having poor results all you can do is talk about the reasons and after a while it all becomes a little boring.

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