McClaren Defends His Comments After Recent Games

Steve McClaren keeps saying that Newcastle are playing well but that we have just been unlucky over the last few games in picking up just a single point.

But on Tuesday Alan Shearer said that Steve should stop saying Newcastle were playing well because the BBC Match of the Day pundit doesn’t think Newcastle are playing well at all.

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Alan Shearer – Newcastle are not playing well

This is some of what Alan had said yesterday:

“What Steve McClaren says about Newcastle…he can’t keep on saying that they are playing well – they’re not playing particularly well.”

“They are third bottom for a reason.” “Things have to improve, they spent a lot of money and they are in trouble – a relegation fight.”

And it was because of that background that Steve McClaren was asked yesterday about whether he was being straight when he keeps saying Newcastle are playing well, while we are not picking up too many points.

This is how Steve McClaren responded:

“I think I’ve been quite honest in terms of whether the performances have been good or bad,” “I think certainly that was expressed after Palace and after Leicester.”

“I will never fault these players as long as they give 100% attitude and effort. I think they have done that.”

“If I feel certain individuals haven’t, then I’ll let them know privately, but I think publicly I’ve never said we’ve played well when we’ve played badly.”

“I’ve never said we’ve played or he’s played badly or good when they’ve been the opposite.”  “I’ve been quite open and honest.”

“I think I’ve been quite honest in the appraisal of performances really.”

When the team is in a bad run – as we are once again – it’s difficult for Steve to say too much constructive after the game and the longer our bad streak continues the more difficult it will become.

It looks to us that the four games in January are crucial and we have to somehow pick up two wins from those games. against four top eight sides

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